The Sotonians Summoning Thread

The Sotonians Summoning Thread


Yeah same here.


Chrome or Discourse bug do you think?


More likely Discourse - I’m a Firefox man.


@TheMightyOstrich and @steveintheforest i love you


@ant @Fatso loves you!


Consider me duly summoned @Fatso - I love you too… If there were more like you around still I might hang out here more sad face

Nice new look though @saintbletch - congrats


For his health and wellbeing, shouldn’t we all be hoping for less @fatso and not more?

And we’re not that shallow as to get hung up on looks, @TheMightyOstrich, the new forum is much more than looks.

Some say the new forum can summon people from the dead? I don’t believe it personally though.

Alas we’ve still got the same twats here, but what can you do, eh?

Hope you pop in now and again - if only to see @fatso drunkenly declare undying love for past posters.


Hooray…i need you to stick around as you were a good source of my upvotes and under the new system there is a monetary prize for most upvotes!


Alas @TheMightyOstrich this new forum lacks the feature of renaming posters in mentions, I can no longer refer to you as TheLimpDodo or other such hilarious names!

Don’t be a stranger now…


@Fatso when you’re next inebriated can you summon @steveintheforest please.


Do you think that maybe it isn’t the forum, but @fatso that has the special powers.

Is he a seer?


The evidence shows that people respond when @Fatso calls, I think he is more likely a fat, drunken druid than a seer mind!!


Well now I feel used, thanks. No upvotes for you!

Anyway, I’m off again now, just thought it would be the gentlemanly thing to acknowledge your love for me, even though I have since found out it was purely for my liberal use of upvotes.


Sorry, “nice new look and totally mind-blowing functionality though @saintbletch - congrats”.


Good of you to pop in. Maybe drop in every now and then to claim cuddles?


Now I just feel cheap.

Why don’t you just fuck off and stay away, @TheMightyOstrich?


Leave @TheMightyOstrich alone you big bully, harassing dumb flightless birds is my job!!


I guess I must have rejection issues.


Thought you would be used to it by now…


Even a lifetime of rejections the like of which Bletch has suffered could never prepare someone for a lifetime of rejections the like of which Bletch has suffered.