📢 The Sotonians Summoning Thread

We’ve discovered an interesting truth about the new Sotonians website. The email notification system is much better.

As we’ve seen with the recent visits of @Coxford_lou and @Korruptor, just mentioning someone summons them via email, even if they’ve been away for a bit.

So I thought we’d have a little fun. Going to start off with one of our first posters.

Summoning @Ohio-Saint.

Summon away, Sotonians.

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Come on @Sadoldgit sample what’s on offer. You’re missed. :lou_lol:


I would like to slip one inside the inbox of @DellBoy and congratulate him for taking Gavin Williamson to task while Piers Morgan was rejuvenating in hell.


Where art thou, @TheCholulaKid? Prithee, inspect this new-look forum.


Some friends and fam. @unionhotel has memorably posted before

However, @gft103 never has. @madpurplecow ought to get on here too.

I’d summon

GWC & Bearsy

But I can hardly see the screen been a tough day


And they’d never hear you, @Polski_Filip. You’ve to to put an @ in front of their names.


Where are you mush?

Come on in the water is lovely

on Twitter.

Does this work like an Ouija Board?

It seems to…i.e. fuck all from the other side. :rage:


Those mention emails go to my junk email where I delete the majority so may not work for all.

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Not happy with this post. As an original 1999 Sotonian, it was my expectation that every email you would have received from this new incarnation would have been printed out in colour, laminated, and taken pride of place on your walls.

I am disappointed that this is not the case :smiley:


Note to self : Do not accept any invitations to @pap ‘s gaff…


So what we need is a way to summon @pap if ever our emails go into his spam folder.

Ah, yes…

The pap signal



It was very magnanimous of you to video your own cock for the pap signal.

It has made me look a hundred times taller


What is this, fucking Candyman?

I’d say more Beetlejuice.

What happens when we summon you a third time?

Either a fat man with yellow teeth and poor taste in clothes jumps into your piss-poorly made diorama of the Flowers estate, and tries to grope a minor, or I go to the settings page and turn things off at random.

Or neither of those things. It’ll probably mean I can be an even more lazy lurker.


Well, I don’t think you should be that miffed at the summons. You’re an OG Sotonian, FFS.

Besides, it could be worse.

Most of the summons on my tiny little diorama of the Flower Estates are tiny little court summons.

They’re very detailed.

I’ve tried the Candyman attempt on the Where’s Kev thread but @Bearsy, @Bearsy, @Bearsy has still not appeared to consume my soul.