🦇 The sci-fi, fantasy and capeshit thread

:bat: The sci-fi, fantasy and capeshit thread


Ah, you can watch it again, Phil. I might over the coming days.

An interesting aside; Netflix allows Klingon subtitles! Qa’pla!


The opening credits reminded more of Fringe than TOS



Meh, maybe not


Caught the latest episode of The Orville yesterday.

I’ve said before that it’s a love letter to TNG fans. It’s also capitalising on memories that viewers will have of older Trek shows. We’re only four episodes in. More than once, I’ve had a massive sense of familiarity with many of the beats of a few episodes. You think you know what’s going to happen. Expectations set to low.

This was the most Trek like episode so far. The crew encounter a huge ship drifting in space, roughly the size of New York City. On boarding, they discover a contained eco-system, complete with artificial skies and people, who don’t know they’re on a ship and live under a dictatorial theocracy. That sense of familiarity kicked in big style on laying eyes on the interior. The locations and people looked as if they were plucked straight from a TNG script, using TNG production values. The Orville generally looks fantastic, the characters much more contemporary. This was a conscious choice, made to subvert expectations.

What The Orville does very well is land the ending of each show. No spoilers, but as things unfold, those low expectations set when you thought it was just a TNG with dick and fart jokes get blown away, as per. I’m amazed I still fall for it.

I enjoyed Discovery so much that I wondered if crewing up with The Orville might seem underwhelming. Not a bit of it. They are both their own shows, and we’re lucky to have them both.


OK…saw 1st two episodes of t’new Star Trek.

Love that it’s narrative rather than episode based.

Seriously not sure about the Klingons though…

Fucking A otherwise…



I’m intrigued to what we’ll see in the third episode, which has been described by the writers as a show reset. We’re going to see the Discovery. Will it keep the Expanse style momentum, I wonder?


Just enjoyed the first season of The Punisher on Netflix. This incarnation of the character originally appeared in the second season of Daredevil, proving popular enough to warrant his own show. Though I’m sure they had this show in the back of their minds then, this one wasn’t one of the four plinths of the Defenders, the eight part crossover we got this summer.

That I found it a little underwhelming to begin with is perhaps unsurprising. The Punisher’s appearances in the other shows have been more explosive on a minutes spent on screen basis. Building a wider world, the show has to develop its own mythos around the Punisher, along with a cast of supporting characters.

It does that pretty well. Frank Castle quickly buddies up with a computer hacker that has faked his own death. Between them, the pair attempt to take out a shadow private military corporation, headed up by a former squad mate of The Punisher, Billy Russo, another character the show spends a lot of time on.

Slow burning in many respects, but extremely satisfying by series’ end.


Had a look at Black Lightning last night, the new capeshit show on Netflix.

From the look of the first episode, it looks like it might be pretty cool. The titular hero is a middle aged dad of two girls that resumes a superhero career after a nine year hiatus.

It’s interesting that one little change, such as the hero’s age, can bring about such a tonally different show,


I watched that too pap! I went in cold, I’ve never heard of Black Lightening, but I thought it was a cool name so I gave it a try.

I quite enjoyed it. I mean, it was dumb. There were quite a few bits I thought was dumb. I dunno how the mc secret identity survived the first episode, for example. I thought it was more interest than the other marvel tv shows though, and one of the daughters was Fit.

I’m also watching Asian show on Netflix called Erased. It’s kind of like Quantum Leap crossed with Stranger Things. It’s a bit weird and the dialogue is very on the nose (which is often the way with these Asian shows, I spose that’s how they like it) but I’m getting something from it.


Just watched Black Lightening - Capeshit of the highest order. Cliché ridden, just how I like it!



By the time this season of Star Trek Discovery ends, a new season of The Expanse will be out.

Life is good, space opera nerds. Life is good.


It’s Friday Pap - C_S Star Trek night.

Luckily am pished enough to have forgotten your spoilers

Live long etc




Woo hoo!


Bump. Been catching up with Gotham, season three. It’s still not something I’d be comfy shouting up as excellent TV, but I enjoy it. That it’s batshit crazy is one of its saving graces. I think the art direction is pretty decent. Gotham is depicted in mostly dark tones, in large buildings with tall ceilings.

I do think they’re going to have to recast Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle pretty soon, if neither of them get any taller. They’re both short-arses, they’re supposed to be sixteen in this season, and much as it might impress the short half of the nation, we can’t have a shortarse Batman.


I really like gotham, the batshit crazy bit is one of the reasons I like it so much, it’s so over the top and melodramatic but at the same time a bit silly that reminds me of the feel of the Adam West version only this one has (at times) Tarantino levels of violence.

Also agree that a recast of Bruce Wayne is required but more because I find the lad that plays him incredibly annoying and unbelievable as a future badass.


2 episodes of the expanse available at your usual sources today :lou_lol:


I remember watching season one and thinking it was quite mental. It had the claret, even back then. Now, season one seems like a comparatively straight laced affair. They amped everything up big style in season two, and from what I’ve seen of season three, have held fiercely to that principle.

One of the reasons that I reckon the show works _without _Batman is because the villains have always been more interesting than the hero. Batman essentially plays straight man to a load of comedic supervillains, and it’s easy enough to put other actors in the straight man role, and that’s basically what the show does with anyone in authority.

It’s actually the authority characters that let this show down. Gordon is very good, but his partner, while likable, is a classic trope, and most of the time, people are just whacking out professional phrases you’ve heard a thousand times before in other shows.

The general rules, or lack of them, seem absurd too. I genuinely thought that the show had hoodwinked us on Jerome in season two, but nope. _That’s _possible, and I should have known.

I recently watched the episode where Jerome takes over the fairground. Fucking fantastic. Kidnapped citizens set up to be targets in all sorts of warped fairground games. My favourite was the one where people popped their heads out of holes to get whacked with a mallet.

I can’t recommend it wholeheartedly, but if you can deal with some crap dialogue from the cops, it’s a great B show to have around when you’ve nowt else to watch.


Lost in Space - I’m only on Ep1 but kids are on Ep5 and are enjoying it in the it isn’ shit category AND has a decent twist


It said “Danger Will Robinson”, I got all goose pimply :lou_lol: