🦇 The sci-fi, fantasy and capeshit thread

:bat: The sci-fi, fantasy and capeshit thread


What channel @btripz ?

Couldn’t find it on Netflix last night. I was a bit pished tbf and had to look out of one eye so I didn’t see two screens…


Way better than I expected. Added to the C_S family must watch list.

only annoyance is the Muzak - more suited to a big budget film in the cinema. Probably just me.



Not on Netflix for some time


Do they chop your hands off for torrenting there, Phil?


Just your remote finger @pap


I’ll watch eps 2&3 then give you my considered opinion…


VPN for personal use is illegal. £10k fine & jail.

Also using illegal streams is not a good career choice for someone planning to get back to a C-level job in IT in next few months.

So discretion…


Lost in Spce seems to be silently getting all my mates hooked. Mrs D_P was sceptical but now hooked.

Episode 6.



The five episodes of the new season of the Expanse have been very good. For a show that is set just in our solar system, it gets around. Some locations have been completely taken out. I’ve just finished watching episode, and it’s a tour de force, tense and full of holy fuck moments.

EDIT : Boo, appears to be cancelled. The production company are shopping around for another network though.


Sy Fy played hardball thinking they had the Golden Goose, so restricted the relaunch of S3.

Netflix or someone will no doubt come along - similar happened with Brooklyn 99


Well, the good news is that The Expanse will be returning, on Amazon Prime. Bluffed called there, Sy Fy. You can get back to making those ridiculous B movies now.

In other news, I’ve things to report. Preacher season three is out, and I still love it. It has got some of the best world building on TV right now, which is surprising when you consider that most of the action takes place in small US towns. Thing is, some of the action takes place in much more interesting locales, such as Heaven or Hell. God and Satan both turn up in the show, as does Hitler (still up to his old tricks) and Tom Cruise (before immediately exploding).

I also watched Cloak and Dagger, which turned out to be a lot better than expected. It benefits a lot from a smaller scale approach which focuses on the origins and the relationship of the eponymous pairing. Both were traumatised at the same place, on the same night through the death of important loved ones during a rig malfunction. They also both got powers that same night. Dagger can read people’s hopes and create indestructible glowing light daggers that she bungs at people. Cloak can read people’s fears. It’s an interesting dynamic and quite a tender platonic relationship played out on-screen.

Both on Amazon Prime.


I’m up to date on most of the Netflix Marvel Cinematic Universe. Just the latest series of Iron Fist to watch now. The sophomore seasons of Jessica Jones and Luke Cage are very good.

Jessica Jones takes a while to get into gear, and perhaps suffers from lacking a villain as immediate as David Tennant’s Killgrave. It does ratchet up over time, leading to a finale which feels earned and does justice to the characters. I really love Krysten Ritter as Jones. More laconic than most Marvel characters, she does a lot of physical work, acting particularly well using only her face.

Luke Cage’s second season is a marked improvement on the first, with clearer plotting, stronger characters and motivations all raising the bar. The supporting characters in this are excellent, with Alfre Woodard turning in a particularly good performance as Black Mariah.

Both shows do a huge transition season. Jones and Cage both have arcs that leave them in completely different places, either physically or emotionally, that’ll make future seasons very interesting.

That difficult second album? Not a bit of it for either of these shows.


Have to agree about Preacher. So much of it out of context is so wrong, inbred Messiah as an example. No sign of S3 on Prime down here yet though.
Agree on all the Marvel TV shows. They age like a good wine. Iron Fist S1 got the lowest reviews but was still a good watch.
You seen Defenders or Punisher yet Pap?


Preacher is golden stuff. I love the world building, especially because it builds around three of them, Heaven, Hell and Earth, not to mention the bits in between.

On the Marvel stuff, I have seen both Punisher and Defenders. Little bit gutted that the latter was only eight episodes, but it had a tremendous energy when all four were onscreen doing their thing.

I’m onto S2 of Iron Fist now. I didn’t mind S1, but it had a lot going on. Danny’s return to New York, the Hand, the corporate soap opera scenes, the destruction of the place he was supposed to protect. The second season seems a lot more grounded and driven by the motivations of characters, the first season having provided plenty of fall out for them to work with.

Still a wee bit strange in tone. No one seems to swear, yet several episodes are rated 18 for the graphic violence :smiley:


Have to wait for Mrs D_P to get back before I’m allowed to strt Iroon Fist S2 :slight_smile:

Battling my way through Mr Robot at the moment. It is compelling but bloody difficult to follow. Curve balls and also all the bloody cast look so similar.

This could be interesting.

My first thought was The Langoliers, still one of my favourite Stephen King brain farts as a story (although the movie was pretty shit)


Can’t help thinking that wife-waiters like @Dubai_Phil and @Cobham-Saint are missing a trick. In their shoes, I would still surreptitiously watch them first, then watch it again with the wife placing large wagers on what happens next.


Good plan. Except…
There is a lot of stuff she doesn’t like. Peaky Blinders for one, Mr Robot, Preacher.

So when she is away or out, I have enough “bloke stuff” to catch up on without worrying about waiting.

I’ve got 2 nights to burn through S3 of Mr Robot before I fly outta here. So struggling WITHOUT the bloody housework, work work, packing and generally bouncing around!! Let alone watching IronFist 2!

Talking of fisting


I rewatched the first season of The Punisher. I tablet-watched a fair bit of it first time around, and it’s a show where you really can’t do that. It’s far too much about on-screen depictions of violence.

I’ve already seen some stills from S2. They’ve not got as jiggy with it with Jigsaw as the recent War Zone movie. Nevertheless, much to look forward to.


Haven’t seen suicide squad, and have to admit I was pretty uninspired when I heard Joaquin Pheonix was going to play another incarnation of The Joker, and then I saw this and it has me intrigued…


Been playing a lot of catch up with The Walking Dead. I’d stumbled so far behind that there is a fair chance that even @Cobham-Saint is further behind than I am. When I last tuned in, they were still dealing with the cannibals. I’ve since see them take up residence in Alexandria and the introduction of Negan.

Broadly, I’ve seen a lot of world building, and its pretty good. The focus has zoomed out to the entire surrounding area and the post-apocalyptic communities that have survived the walkers. It’s an interesting bag. There’s a whole tribe of people living in a dump, another that has organised themselves into a Kingdom and an island full of women.

My central criticism of the show, that it’s an essential rinse and repeat of the same old cycle, the flight to safety, character conflict at their newfound sanctuary, that place becoming far less safe, flight to safety, etc, etc.

The thing is it does that cycle so well, and to be fair, the last two seasons have dwelled in the one place and mined it for storytelling opportunity. Onto season eight.