🦇 The sci-fi, fantasy and capeshit thread

Fancy some Retro?

My supplier has launched 1975’s Space 1999. The show where the live action actors were hired to play puppets iirc
(But the stories are good!)

Or maybe this instead of Saints?

Our results lately must haave been sponsored by International Rescue they were so implausible

Missed the start of Talking Pictures’ repeat run of Thunderbirds on Saturday afternoons? The series launches again from the very beginning in a second weekly time slot, tonight and every Tuesday evening at 7.55pm, on Talking Pictures TV! (Virgin 445, Freesat Channel 306, Freeview Channel 82, Youview Channel 82 or on Sky Channel Number 328.)

I am loving the ancient ness of Space 1999 and its amazing “CGI”

But seriously some historic moments
In 1975 they had Black Suns not Black Holes.

From Google on why they only did a couple of series @Polski_Filip

“ According to statements by Martin Landau on the Space: 1999/UFO – The Documentaries produced by Fanderson, Space: 1999’s ratings were not low, but its cancellation was due to financier Lew Grade’s decision to redirect funding from Space: 1999 to his new movie projects, such as Raise the Titanic.”

So now you know. God those were shit times….

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RIP Marvel?

Or maybe quality over quantity


I’ve been watching Gen V, the spin-off from The Boys. Set in the same universe and just after The Boys S3, it proves that this universe is interesting enough to be viewed from multiple places.

There is a bit of character crossover, but it serves the plot and isn’t intrusive. It’s mostly about the students at a university exclusively populated by Gen V kids, looking to make their way into one of several disciplines.

This does a lot of world-building of its own. There are several tracks for the students to follow. Some do crime-fighting while others are destined for entertainment. While I dread the idea of a Star Trek Academy show, if it’s anything like this I’d be on-board.

Most of it is already out on Amazon Prime. Finale on Friday.

Ah, missed that through hardly watching Prime because of the mountains of shit on it and taking my watching elsewhere. Will look it up this weekend. Thanks :+1:

Ep 12 of Space 1999.
We’ve had a 2001 retell and this episode (from 1975) deals with the return of Voyager
4 years before Star Trek the Movie did it.
Slightly different budgets

Ep1. Very enjoyable- liked linking in The Boys backstory :+1:

The dick scene was genuinely surprising it made it to the screen - strangely not pornographic. :man_shrugging:

Gen V season one is ny brain. I thought the finale was excellent.

Without going into spoilers, very pleased with the season as a whole. It organically establishes a great set of heroes and villains in that highly cynical and exploitative Voight environment.

Some do miniature porn!! I haven’t had such a good belly laugh for a long time

For All Mankind is back and as superb as ever, now based on Mars.

Ep1 Title credits music is one banging version of…

Loki now funished was meandering at times but in the end a superb way to wrap up the story arc. And, strangely, after all the speculation, it may have even given Kevin Feige an out from the Majors mess if needed.

The last line of the show is taken from earlier in Canon and is quite brilliant in it’s execution & impact

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IF you are a Foundation fan here is some EXCLUSIVE to Sotonians content.
Harry Seldon getting some moves in…


Batman the animated series is on Netflix. Hands down best depiction of the characters outside comics.

Hands down worst was Batman off Saints Web.

Russell T Davies, David Tennant & Catherine Tate are back
It is complete camp nonsense
At last and about time too.

Even weaves Binary/non-Binary into it.

Welcome Back Doctor Who

Mrs C_S called it Dr Woke

She was a great fan

A story twist 15 years on the making dismissed as Doctor Woke


No. You’re missing the point completely. It has become so Everyman/woman/gender etc that it’s no longer what it was. Think about it before sighing :thinking:

Second season episodes of Invincible are on Amazon Prime. Four of them in total and more to come in 2024.

It has gone from strength to strength imo. The scope is expanding naturally and beautifully.

It’s one of the best super powered things out there, particularly for those with capeshit fatigue

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It is a breath of fresh air in capeshit land. Highly enjoyable.