🦇 The sci-fi, fantasy and capeshit thread

:bat: The sci-fi, fantasy and capeshit thread


There are more Trek series coming.

Section 31 is a spin-off featuring Michelle Yeoh’s former empress character.

Picard is a limited run series featuring Patrick Stewart back in his role.

Star Trek Shorts was something CBS put on their network to prevent people from cancelling their CBS all access subscriptions between seasons of Disco.


Ah - thanks gotcha :+1:


red letter media?


Oh aye. I’ve seen so much of their stuff, so many times. Their opinions on things film are now pretty much indistinguishable from my own.

Love the Macauley Culkin guest appearances. He’s hilarious.


Update on Michelle Yeoh & Section 31 new Star Trek series for @Cobham-Saint just showing a geeky illness off



Fab , ta @Dubai_Phil - that has potential to be a goodie (not the Bill Oddie type)



The Punisher Season Two, presumably Marvel’s swansong on Netflix. Disney is setting up a new Marvel channel. All the old contracts are ending. If they’ve any sense, they’ll pick this show up as is. Bernthal is fantastic in the lead role, a brooding and capable menace with rare flashes of humour.

Frank was off the grid and free and clear of any government watchlists or local enforcement warrants at the end of the last season. If nothing else, season two shows that you can clear the record, but not the behaviour.

The first episode is a bit light on the old punishment. Amps up toward the end, but it’s largely Frank having it off with the sort of single mum Michael Knight and KITT would meet every week in Knight Rider. If anything, Frank is The Pleasurer for a good fifteen minutes. It was all very respectfully done.

The season soon shifts momentum into a road trip series, building strong character relationships between Frank and a teenage grifter in all kinds of trouble. It must be the easiest script in the world. Damsel in distress. Doesn’t like Frank much to start with. Go!

Doesn’t make it any less fun.


fun fact, picked up a copy of manhunt for my ps2 today, and back in 2003 as a jobbing actor guess who was doing motion capture work? Jon Bernthal :lou_smiley:


Brilliant book, was a made for tv 2 parter back in 90s, could be a great series


Twilight Zone


The Expanse s3 now up on Amazon Prime

Just watched the first two episodes- pretty good.

Not as glitzy as the latest Star Trek but more “believable” for a sci-fi space prog.



I’ve started catching up with this again, sort of lost it for a while catching up with other things.

Have now got to episode 5 and must admit I am mildly impressed with it!

You know Dr Smith is proper nawty but you don’t quite know what she is up to, yet!


Disco update time, think theyve stepped up again in S2, now the big story has moved more to be a continual thread, so it now seems much more episodic with what are almost self contained stories.
Im liking Captain Pike, the depth of story/information in each episode is still huge and the bridge crew are finally getting involved and getting some lines instead of expressions.
Loving it again as a cinematic experience, and Michelle Yeoh can do no wrong now she seems to have a skin tight black leather uniform.