🦇 The sci-fi, fantasy and capeshit thread

:bat: The sci-fi, fantasy and capeshit thread


Dr Who,

Well I watched this weeks history lesson on the division of Pakistan and India the only reference to a time lord was a broken watch.
This could be the worst series since Sylvestor McCoy and that was bad.


I think you’re right, I’d rather watch the series where Sly McCoy has to fight the liquorice allsorts monster.



Glad this got bumped.

Arrow. Started watching while waiting for all the new season shows to hit Netflix. It is enjoyable entertainment, has character development and stuff in it and a back story.
But Why oh why do they suddenly mix and match into other DC Universe shows?
Suddenly out of nowhere we are in an episode that is Flash and so have no idea what the story was, we get absorbed into that THEN the episode finishes and is continued on Legends of Tomorrow.
Then one minute we are chasing a dude in Cape Shit and suddenly we are time travelling.

Bloody annoying in a binge watching universe when the other shows aren’t on the same platform.

Rant over.

And you’re all being anti-PC sexists moaning about Jody and Dr Who…
Sylvester McCoy second only to Colin Baker in awfulness


Well, I’m quite enjoying it to be honest.

After the last couple of incarnations touchy, feely stuff having some serious topics thrown at us is good.

Granted it’s probably a turn off for a lot but the last couple of episodes have told some stories that need telling.


Agree with a lot of the above about DW.
I quite like Jodie Whittaker as the Doctor and you’d think that there would be a whole bunch of interesting stuff to explore with the first female incarnation. But the writing is shit and the PC nonsense is extremely irritating.


Agreed, Jodie is great but she has been left with a writing team that has been not great for a couple of years now, same with Capaldi, I liked him as the Doctor but some of the stories he was given were utter drivel.


I never realised how bad he was :joy:


haha yeah not his finest moment :lou_smiley:


It’s meant to be escapism @BTripz not trying to tell us what happened or why.

I want lizard girls. Potato men, Daleks, Cybermen, even the Cardiff bay scenery would be better than Sheffield.


A new Alex Kurtzman show has dropped on Netflix.
Armageddon meets Hawaii 5-0 meets Washington meets well, only on episode 2.
Looks promising


The new animated Spider-Man film is collecting some pretty epic review scores at the moment.

Looks ace.


I know @pap reviewed it properly some time ago, and we’ve been very late to the party, but I should put a word in for Gotham.
Christmas 2017 we bought 3 original Batman 66 comics for Christmas. They stay on his shelf untouched until I visit, then, after bath time I have to read at least 2 stories to him. He lives Riddler, Joker & Penguin, which as I was never a big fan but watched the 60’s show.
I was reluctant to start watching a show with a kid as the star and a bad Gary Oldman impersonator.
S1 was OK it led us in gently by being really just a buddy-cop show with a bit of colour but we really loved how Penguin developed as a character. S2 took us into a more colourful 60s feel of almost cartoon baddies but the edge of darkness was ever present.
S3 the show hit the spot, the balance was perfect, a few circular time filling loops but build the growth of the knight of darkness really well.
We want to finish S4 before the risk of any delay in the arrival of our TV and that has started well.

For me, what has been fantastic is that I now understand so many more of the Batman universe characters, which, over Christmas, made reading the stories to Grandson SO much more enjoyable for both of us.

Selina was clocked by Mrs D_P as a stunner in S1, in the modern world I didn’t dare comment, but in S4 I think it is fair that her & Tabitha are a dream team.


Gotham is some of the finest rubbish I’ve ever seen :slight_smile:


True, and right now that is exactly what we need each evening.
The stresses of packing. 25 years of memories, what do we need on day one rather than in 3 months. Getting the cat there, cancelling visas so losing access to bank accounts and maxed out credit cards until we get up and running. When will the investment funds finally arrive and actually pay for the freight. What do we sell, for peanuts, what do we keep.
We need rubbish binge TV and booze each night.
Gotham hits that spot thank fvck. :sunglasses:


Discovery S2
Opening scenes
I want some of those candles
The return of Red shirts
Pod launches

Those were the omg moments.
The truth is that Disco S2 E2 is finally REAL Star Trek. A stand alone proper story with movie quality visuals.
It is totally what the Kelvin Movies should have been. No baddies just science problems.


Late to the party on this one but I have been watching Farscape and enjoying it quite a bit, an astronaut gets pooped out through a wormhole and finds himself on a living ship on the other side of the universe. It has some good characters, interesting episode and series plotlines, some excellent puppet and make up work but some dodgy CGI (to be fair it is about 20 years old). So far I’d give it 7/10 :lou_smiley:


Cutting-edge in its day. Thought it got a bit up it’s own arse as it went on, but enjoyed it.


And before #metoo times so it was ok to say it had hot chicks in it.

But compared to Discovery? No contest on any level.

I had to rewatch the pilot of the original series with Jeffrey Hunter as Captain Pike & a plank of wood as Mr Spock last week.
So felt an immediate connection to the arrival of Pike & Number One to Disco. (Canon - story continuity).
Very slight tweaks to the uniforms, clever.
A throw away one liner about a five year mission, an instant explanation of why Spock never mentioned big sister all drift through.
But the fact that here was an Episode of Star Trek. Something you could watch in isolation yet will clearly be a step along a series storyline.
And the big shock to true trekkies who loved the fate of the appears first time Red Shirts.
Crackling TV.

And 2 more series to come this year. Section 31 & Picard, plus the Star Trek shorts Tilley, Saru & Harry Mudd on their way to Netflix.

And I did love Farscape back in the day, just the Aussie accents got annoying sometimes


Morning @Dubai_Phil. I may have had too many sherries last night for this to make sense. Could you elaborate?