🦇 The sci-fi, fantasy and capeshit thread

:bat: The sci-fi, fantasy and capeshit thread


That I am @pap.

I’m so far behind that I, well, let’s leave it at that…


Daredevil S3 has dropped. It does show up the difference in quality between the acting of Charlie Cox (Daredevil) and Iron Fist.
Recovering from a deep and dark place. Enjoying the depth that wasn’t there in Iron Fist 1 or 2


It’s a shame I probably won’t watch it, loved the first 2 series of daredevil but really can’t be arsed to watch all the other series it links in to.


Yeah if you don’t watch Defenders which does diverge more to Iron Fist than Daredevil then first couple of episodes lose some depth.
Watch The Angel instead just a history lesson reviewed on movie thread


Luke Cage and Iron Fist both cancelled.

Would not be surprised to see them both in a new show together. They spent much of their comic book time together.


The shows do have a shelf life. I’m really enjoying Daredevil 3 but getting to the point where I’m waiting for Fisk to put his little finger in his mouth and go Mwah.
A fantastic portrayal of an evil genius but how many stories can be written around angst?


It’s a shame though. I was looking forward to watching Jessica Henwick fisting a few extras…


Trailer for the remake of Suspiria, Thom Yorke is doing the soundtrack. If you’re a fan of horror movies, “Suspiria” is the “Citizen Kane” of the genre.


Who has watched the first episodes of the latest incarnation of Dr Who?

She couldnt park the Tardis,
Lost it,
Restyled it,
Was afraid of spiders,
Gave us a history lesson,

There were no Daleks.


I haven’t watched it recently to be honest, but I struggle to see how the Daleks can be a major foe? Or scary.



Mrs C_S and Teenage Mutant have been watching it and seem to like it.

I haven’t watched it since Christopher Eccles Cake was the Dr so I’m a bit out of the loop tbf


Has to be said

Exterminate Exterminate


Yeah, so far we’ve had the Rosa Parkes episode, a bloke having a baby, a Trumpalike building on a toxic waste dump and next week we have an episode based around the partitioning of India.
Could the BBC get any more preachy?


A bloke having a baby that must have been yesterdays episode spoiler alert not seen it yet?


oops. sorry.


Just caught up and finished season 2 of Mr Robot, I am now utterly and totally confused!

I think falling asleep during several episodes and then having to go back and watch them again has really thrown me. I need to watch the whole lot from the start, again!!


Yeah. You bastard!


Watched it now

What a load of bollocks

Bring back the Dr

Some Daleks Cybermen even lizard women



Some viewers complained that the reason why they no longer wanted to watch the show is because it was too ‘PC’ for their liking, as one wrote on Twitter: ‘This show has become so PC ive actually stopped watching. And 99% of my friends and family have aswell. (sic)’

Another said: ‘Well after years of watching #DoctorWho this new series has put the nail in the coffin for the time being. Capaldis last season was bad enough but this is now pure PC boring tripe nowadays. I honestly wish they cast Bradley Walsh as the doctor. He’d have been great!’

But others suggested that it was the series’ writing that was the problem as another user complained: ‘Just caught up on Dr Who episode 4. I love #JodieWhittaker as the Dr. I even like the 3 side kicks instead of one. I can just about stomach the constant PC agenda, but what i can’t stand is the lazy, dumbed down writing under #chibnall (sic)’