📉 The sack race

The old managerial merry go round is in full swing. Jose Mourinho has been under observation for a bit. This weekend, Garry Monk enters the frame, on account of Swansea not doing too well.

Who will be next to go?

Mourinho surely. 11 points from 12 games with the squad he has got? He wants shooting not sacking.

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David Moyes

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Thing is it will cost Abromavich a shedload to sack him which, I have read, will take them over the allowed FFP amounts! I reckon he’ll get to the end of the season and if they don’t qualify for the Chumpions League he’ll be gone.

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The papers are reporting that Garry Monk has had a falling out with Swansea’s chairman. Apparently, there have been some “irregularities” about Monk’s tenure. Five losses are probably forcing the club to look at things they’ve been happy to ignore in the past.

You can see how this sort of thing would go down.

Originally said by Swansea’s Chairman (allegedly)

…and another thing. In which corner of God’s green earth is it fucking acceptable to use two “Rs” in “Garry”? Were your parents crap fucking typists or something? Did they hit the G when going for H? Are you really supposed to be called Harry? Do you know how much that extra fucking R has cost us in programme printing fees? The Bony money is fucking GONE, me ol’ mucker. GONE!


It doesnt take long to go from Hero to Zero in football does it? Monk was being hailed as the next Big Thing as Adkins was for a while. We build em up and we knock em down! On that note I saw Paul Sturrock on TV yesterday. Those fried egg sandwiches have not done him any favours over the years. And as for the tight gold chain around his very large neck, yikes!! One of Wee Gordon Strachan’s worst endorsements!


Judging by my mate who is from the Swansea / Port Talbot area, the fucker is toast as soon as they suss out he’s English anyway. My mate supports Liverpool and Swansea, btw. And sees nowt wrong in that.

I had a mate who supported Crystal Palace but really supported Liverpool. He wouldnt admit it but he spent more time talking about Liverpool than he ever did Palace.

My view is that he’s just an opportunist shite. His defence is that unlike him, we’ve all fallen for the tribalism, a point somewhat punctured by his ceaseless promotion of anything Welsh :slight_smile:

I honestly think Monk took over a great set up and he has been a little bit jammy. I could not figure out how they were always doing so well. The team has gradually got worse and worse, but it looks like his luck has run out. I honestly do not know how they do so well, so I guess he must be doing something right. They did not start that great last season.

On the other side of the coin Chelsea have an amazing set of players and they are struggling.

I still think Jose will just edge this one as monk could get a couple of wins in the next 3/4 games and be mid table. It was only a few weeks ago they beat Man U!

Could the board turn on Howe? I hope not, but football is a strange business.

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David Moyes

I win. What is the prize?


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David Moyes

I win. What is the prize?

Bloody foreign leagues. Luring them over there. Sacking our managers.

Interesting to see how low Moyes’ stock has fallen since he left his safe haven at Everton. I saw we were one of the clubs he was tipped to join (out of 5 Premiership clubs) should Ron be lured to Chelsea if Jose gets the tin tack. Eek! Funny how there are some managers who do a great job at one club but fail to replicate that success elsewhere.

Spot on. I may be clutching at a very thin straw here, but this may just be the sort of experience which helps keep Ron with us. After all, he has moved to a number of clubs before us but arguably the largest / highest profile was Valencia where it did work out at all. None of this will impact the Netherlands role of course, but I am not certain Ron will want to move to a “bigger” domestic club as long sfc keeps the right environment around him.

Eddie Howe being one of these so far! If Bouremouth are ever silly enough to sack him, he will only end up at another championship club. Would love to see him get a crack at a long term premier league club.

I think Moyeswould only get a job at a struggling premier league club now, if not the championship.

Very different profiles and personalities, imo. Hate to say it, but I think Big Ron could be a success in most places he’d ever choose to work for. Massive pedigree as a player; someone that has genuinely been and done most of it, feted as one of the best in his day. Growing reputation as a manager.

For me, the only real difference is expectation. Much higher win percentages are required at bigger clubs, or the fans start grumbling, only to be amplified by the media. Moyes got credit at Everton for the same reason Koeman is attracting plaudits now. He defied expectations there, just as he did at Preston. I don’t think he has the personal clout to be a success at bigger clubs, whereas I’ve no doubt that RK has.

Ron does seem to be a very grounded man. I like that he says he will stay as long as he is happy with things. He seems to be very focussed on the here and now rather than having one eye on the what might be in the future. Top man. We are lucky to have him.


I do not think Ron will be with us any longer than his contract. He is a man of his word though, which is refreshing these days. He has always said he is under contact.

He may sign a contract for another couple of years, but I have no doubt he could manage one of the top clubs. Arsenal would suit him and his football style.

I’d like to see him at Barcelona eventually. But not now…

Gary Monk has been given more time to turn things around, but must hire an experienced assistant