Mark Hughes football genius

“Unfortunately, we just are not quite getting the key elements of the game right.

“It’s always the first ten minutes of the game, the ten minutes either side of the break and the last ten minutes.

That’s 45% of the game right there, the man is clueless.

You won’t get much argument from me on that, except it’s only right to point out that he is getting effort out of the team.

4-4-2 means you don’t trust your players to play more dynamically. Tell the players that often enough and they won’t trust themselves either. He’s failing us with his lack of imagination and faith.

BTW Barry, remember that bloke Puel? He was shit too wasn’t he. Doing ok at the moment, mind.

Better team by far.

As good a place to post this as any

There was a bit in the paper this morning about Villa starting an investigation after someone threw a cabbage at Bruce in the dugout last night. A cabbage! Surreal.

Not surprising really…it was just one of his 5 a day.

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I don’t know if he has his 5 fruit and veg a day, but looking at him he certainly knows the way to Mrs Miggins’ pie shoppe.


Has he had more than his fair share of Mrs Miggins’ pootang pie?


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It has been a long day my friend.

But thanks :pray: