⛳ :ryder_cup_2023: The Ryder Cup 2023 - Marco Simone, Italy

Didn’t see that coming tbh.

You lot have until end of March to sign up as volunteers & get to see half of each day for free

I have been informed via unofficial channels that we will know if we have been accepted as volunteers on 12th May.

Seems my boss & FB friend from last 2 RC’s is already part of the team deciding who is in.

I’m doomed then :roll_eyes:

The "Volunteer Management team have already been told they are in.
So my old boss is in…

IF you get in you will have to pay 100 Euros for your “volunteer role” but then in return I get this

Why 100 chips? Because a lot of people think they can volunteer get accepted the sell their kit & access. Over 100 did it in Paris. Not this time.

SRSLY? I’m broke but that would be the best 100 chips I will spend

Oh, and IF I get in, I can buy someone a ticket. Just saying…

12th May is notification day

The 1st batch of tickets sold out quicker than Glasto.

Now the "All inclusive packages are on offer (ex flights obv)

3500 Euros to stay at a Best Western? With tickets and transfers?

Inserts Smug Grin and keeps fingers crossed

That I will be fit enough to make it round for 6 days


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DDay tomorrow