⛳ :ryder_cup_2023: The Ryder Cup 2023 - Marco Simone, Italy

Controversial I know

But hey trying to win shit…



Oh, that’s awkward.

I mean, oh, HIM, well obviously… Duh


Never saw those Captains’ picks coming tbh…

2nd Playoff event this weekend in Chicago.
BMW Championship.
Scotty Scheffler & Matt Fitzpatrick battling it out.
Then Viktor Hovland shoots a 61, including a 28 shot back 9 to leave 3 Europeans in the Top 4
Great that Viktor & Natt coming into form

And here is the course

Dunno about playing the ball out of that rough, think I’m gonna struggle to even walk through t!

Waist high rough?

That’s gonna be tough without busted knees

Same Meme applies

This morning, a nation of 38 million people didn’t give a flying fvck about golf.
And after Luke’s announcement continue not to give a fvck.
It is SO annoying. Adrian Meronk was the player who earned the points - had done everything asked of him, including WINIING at Marco Sieone.
But he misses out
I hope Aberg plays well. Luke has a trophy to win, but this Nation loves it6glibal sports stars. What a missed opportunity- golf would have been all over the media here.

Christ, they don’t even sell golf trousers here & i needed a new pair for Rome!
That could have all changed.

I really hope he hasn’t fucked this up


Define Awkward?

Official Ryder Cup Twitter.

Phil’s HiSense Mobile Phone

I am getting slightly FVCKING EXCITED!

Generation whatever they are called - with MBA’s doing their first job out of Uni as they were cheap.
80 year old Volunteers
New untried Technology
Itaian Gof Federation
Rome Municipality
Italian Police
Italian Security Services

I think you can guess where this is going.

So yesterday they told everyone to collect their uniforms and accreditation on Monday if possible as they forecast a 1.5 hour wait to receive it.
There is no vehicular access to the course Monday - Police will close all roads
No shuttle buses booked or available
No public transport anywhere near.
Earliest shuttle in Tuesday arrives at course/accreditation office at 05:30 same time as spectators who won’t be able to get in because the staff are not there to move them around.
Carnage by committee.

And I have the email from February where my contact in European Tour said - it will not happen like that.

We queue on

The crew in Wentworth are going beserk - the course based people are all long term and warned about hiring juniors

Well you told em.

Can you send that e- mail to the press on Saturday when its a real fuckup?


Send it to them? I’ll be sitting drinking coffee with them!

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I am in oil & gas if its not in writing it never existed

There are enough fvck ups to keep us going for weeks.
The magic App meant about 100,000 experienced Marshals across Europe could not apply as they were not on the App database - my fault that one - I kind of sold the app to them didn’t expect them to go all in though.

So now with Roman AirBnB’ers ripping off and cancelling bookings and charging 600 Euros for 50 Euro rooms (and switched from AirBnB to Expedia or vice versa many have had to cancel and guess what?
Not enough volunteers now - they are recruiting “friends of the Chief Marshal” (well there is a surprise

Sounds like @Polski_Filip has fucked the Ryder cup :weary:

Some red faced no longer pompous Italians around this evening.
The case has been solved we can actually get to the golf course on the Monday to collect our gear