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:tumbler_glass: The Rum Thread


The after taste predicts it will be less than rare from here on in my house. Imagine expecting your 25 year old Laphroaig and getting teachers.

£33 for a bottle that’s only fit for mixing. I’ve been done. Suppose i should have known better than expecting tesco to supply a good rum.


If the 25 Laphroig is like Teachers, i will be weeping for a long long time - I will report back after its opening on Christmas day


Rum No. 20 is El Dorado 1993 Enmore rare collection which is currently retailing at £180 a bottle :lou_surprised:

Anyway it is fabulously rich, although at 56% had me running for the water. If this was normal strength, it would possibly be the best spirit I have ever drunk


Diplomatico single vintage 2002

this is the bollocks



So, what are you going to do after Crimbo day then @cb-saint ?



Betty Ford’s


I have just got off of one of those they are not good for your mental health


On my christmas list. I have tried it and yes, it is the nuts. If it doesn’t appear on xmas day I will be buying it on boxing day. :lou_lol:

treat yourself!


Duppy Share Tonight.

this is a mixing rum - I think I am more into the sipping variety


It’s funny how your gift has moved you around the rum world. Top present. Well jealous.


Like sailing the seven seas?


I only really got into good rum a year ago after a trip to Grenada, hence my penchant for Westerhall. The Ayatollah thought that this would be a (relatively) cheap way to try lots of different rums. Now to start building a collection.


I suggest that once you have opened the last door, give her a big kiss, tell her it’s the most thoughtful gift anyone has ever got you, then slip the list of your favourites into her hand and remind her that she might save some money if she buys them in January.

Wonderful gift. I’m particularly jealous of the Enmore.


To be fair I always thought rum was just a mixer for Coke. Turns out it isn’t. Funny what you learn on Sotonians. I’m even tempted to try one or two myself.

Who can suggest a good"entry level" one that won’t have me running for the Coke bottle (or waste my money if it doesn’t unleash my inner pirate)?


El Dorado 12 year old is a very nice demerara rum. £33 in M&S. Goat and CB will have a few good suggestions no doubt, but El Dorado is my favourite.


Diplomatico Exclusiva Reserva £36

Dead Man’s Fingers £24.88 plus postage

El Dorado 12 year old £33.99


Amazon is a pretty good place to start. Also recommend The Drink Shop and Masters of Malt for online rum shopping. I normally have a wish list on the go on Amazon and buy a bottle when it’s reduced (which happens pretty regularly).


Tried the Elements Eight Exotic Spiced at the Rockstone today. Nice drop that. Star Anise, orange and pepper hints. Or Glade room freshener according to SO5.


Masters of malt sell 30ml samples of just about everything -


The penultimate rum.

my heart sank when the window revealed a white rum.

we have a Botran Reserva Blanca. This is a golden rum that has been charcoal filtered to leave a white rum but leaving the taste of a golden rum.

bit too much alcohol heat to enjoy neat but this is the mother of all cocktail bases.