🥃 The Rum Thread

:tumbler_glass: The Rum Thread


So Tonight I am on Diplimatico Reserva Exclusiva

i think I preferred the less exclusive version of this. It is a bit too liqueur like.


Flor de Cana 12yr old Tonight, although I think this might have been wasted as I was so pissed off from the football i skulled it by mistake


Swiftly followed by a Goslings Black Seal

ive actually tasted this one - cracking drop smooth mahogany colured number.


Two weeks in

Brugal 1888 Gran Reserva Familiar. This is the business. Caramel, honey, raisins. A top drop.


Does this all come with a free liver transplant @cb-saint ??



I bloody hope so. I suffer for my art.

tonight is not so bad. I have diluted it with several pints of HSB


I have a bottle of this and agree. Very good.


A bottle of Falernum has arrived at home, courtesy of Mrs Bucks.

I am not sure which is more concerning: that she is fuelling my alcoholic habit, or that she might be reading this forum. :lou_surprised:


The medic came in the office this morning :lou_is_a_flirt:

and said Philippine you have your annual Drug and Alcohol test today.

He could have let me prepare for it by raiding the Bosses safe, of the bottle of Vodka that is stashed there but no, I passed the test and have to come back next year :lou_angry:


Back from the film…

Four Square 11 yr old 2004 Bourbon Cask

59% wtf!!!

ice, a touch of water, and this is approachable…just.


Opened the window today to be confronted with another white rum. Still scarred by the agricole from last week.

its sat there in front of me

making my wine last



Just spotted the word “agricole”on the bottle



Oh god. It is the pits.

i would rather lick Bazza’s armpit than taste that again.

just so you can all avoid it

Clairin sejous 2015 rhum agricole


Get over to the new exciting ‘Single Malt thread’ - its like this thread but less pirates and more class :lou_lol:


What have I done to deserve this?

Another agricole?.

well this one is a golden rum, and actually is palatable…just.

j.bally millesime 2002 rhum vieux

tasting notes??? Well it is just about to get a hint of coke.


Vote up as I feel for you… but you need enlightenment as that feeling of dread would never happen with a Single Malt advent calendar… just the joy of discovery. Head over to the Malt thread, you would be welcome as we are needing to recruit - we look like Billy no mates over there


The final week starts

Doorlys 12yr old- cracking Barbados rum. Really smooth and a fuck ton better than the last couple of days


Only 6 to go. I don’t whether to be sad it’s coming to and end or relieved it’s almost over.

Anyway, in my glass we find a rumbullion navy strength, all 57% of it.

i enjoyed the normal rumbullion, and this one has all of the great liqueur flavours but with more alcohol heat. Lots of it. Great stuff, but pushed to choose a bottle to buy, it would have to be the regular version


Just opened a Appleton Estate 12 year old rare* blend.

First sip, it’s ok but not for the same money as a El Dorado 12 year old. I’m getting a slightly burnt and harsh after taste, that leaves me wondering if it has been mixed with bourbon(doesn’t mention bourbon casks, just Oak). It’s confusing me, but not in a way that would make me consider it a good buy.

Anyone else tried it?

*nothing rare about it if i can buy it in tesco.


‘Rare’ that someone actually buys it? :lou_lol: