🥃 The Rum Thread

I bang on about it on loads of other threads so maybe it’s time to be completely self indulgent and give it a sugary slot of its own.

I wholly recommend the UK RumFest at Earls Court (The Ibis Hotel).

It’s fifty quid a ticket but is cracking value I reckon.

About 50 stalls, 400 different rums. Bottles under 80 odd quid included in the price for tasters. You get a glass and drink as much as you want.

If you want to try some of the exclusive (up to £1000 per bottle) rums then you can buy golden vouchers (5-15 quid).

Knowledgeable staff, friendly atmosphere, DJ’s, cocktails. What’s not to like? None of the stalls sell directly. Try what ever you like. Take photos. Buy at shop at the end. Good prices.

Here are my faves:

This the Venezuelan selection. The Diplomatico is my goto rum. Too sweet for some but I reckon it takes some beating. The Roble is a less sweet, tasty alternative. Diplomatico exc. res. approx £35.

Shack: heavily spiced rum based on a Haitian recipe but blended from a few different carribean rums. This was yummy. No bumpf on the stall. Just a really friendly, cool couple. Nice rum but I reckon it’s a few quid over priced at £45 per bottle.

Jaguar: a Costa Rican rum. We tried the cask proof which was pretty good. Nice with an ice cube but nothing to write home about.


Girl pointing to her a.

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70’s porn icon Ron Jeremy working the crowd.

His rum is very average.


I mentioned this on another thread.

The standard Rumbullion is delicious and approx 32 quid per bottle.

The navy strength is made from the same base rum but bottled at a higher strength.

The XO is made from a different (agricole) base and tastes like a completely different rum.

I have discovered that I don’t like agricole rums. Too grassy and moonshine tasting. Supported by the french as their go to rum flavour so that’s all you need to know. Fucking french.

Stick with the original. Yum. Christmas in a bottle.

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A new Bahama based rum company. this is their only rum at present. It is a nice clean tasting young rum. Smooth, but I reckon a little overpriced at £35 per bottle. One to keep an eye on for a discounted price though.


Rum? thats for these fuckers surely?

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I have tried the 20 year anniversary rum from Plantation and it is lush so I expected this cheaper, pineapple rum to be over sweet and sickly. Nope. It is really subtle and fucking lovely. I bought a bottle. £36.

Nice chatty barmaid too :lou_is_a_flirt:


Is the blond guy giving Ron a BJ?


There are quite a few of these Angostura rums. We tried them all. This is the one to buy. £58 per bottle and on my christmas list. Proper grown up rum.


Wish we could have spent longer at the Old J stall but I would still be there.

Lovely people. Cracking rum. Bought a bottle of the Gold and nearly finished it on the train home.

Between 21 and 30 quid a bottle. They were even making zombie cocktails with three different rums, passion fruit and pineapple. Absolutely blinding.


I also bought a bottle of this.

The first stall that we went back to for seconds. Yum. £39 might sound like a lot of money for a blended rum but it’s worth every penny.

The Corn n oil cocktail was to die for too.

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This was good too. My mate bought a bottle. £23. Made in Cornwall. The rum and my mate.

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Did you find a stall with Philippine rums?



Not my cup of tea.

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Damm you. I had this in my basket earlier but took it and another two out as my bill was going to be huge. Kept the 1919. I will have to get one as well now.

The Pyrat xo reserve was the last bottle i had. Very nice.

Sounds like an excellent day.

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Spending £60 on a a bottle of rum :astonished:

Excellent thread and very useful.

I picked up a lemongrass rum in Mauritius in January and #oly opened it recently. Bit worried it would be rank but it’s bloody lovely. Verging on Limoncello. Will have neat with ice.

I am very tempted to go to the festival but a little put off by the ticket price.

You should come next year! Sounded like a lot to me too but after going I think it’s pretty good value! Head’s a bit squiffy this morning mind.

PS: the Southampton one was £15 per ticket then we spent £20 on 4 drinks. It was utter shit.

This was £15 more and about 8 million times better.