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:tumbler_glass: The Rum Thread


It’s alright. Not as good as their spiced version. After our conversation the other day you could try it in a dark n stormy (double rum, juice of half a lime plus ginger beer).

My particular favourite at the moment is a corn n oil. Juice of half a lime, shot of falernum or syrup, double rum, lots of crushed ice and a few dashes of Angostura bitters.


Cheers GB! The good news is that we seem to have an (unopened) bottle of the spiced version too :lou_lol:.

This might give the impression of an extensive alcohol cellar with lots tucked away. Sadly, home is a modest flat but the rum was being kept at the back of a packed understairs cupboard. The only other bottle I found there is Cointreau…


Even the sight of that word makes me retch :lou_sad:


Fifth day

Mezan Jamaican XO rum. Blimey this stuff is morish. Just as well they only give you 30ml, otherwise tomorrow would be a duvet day.


6th December 2017

Today we have an El Dorado 15 year old rum, and what a lovely sob of rum this is. if the the quality keep s increases like this day be day, I am going in heaven come the the 24th.




This is the best Xmas present I have had since I got the millennium falcon.


Week 1 done.

todays instalment is Trois Riviers Cuvee de l’ocean Rhum agricole.

Now I would be lying if I said that neat this was a good idea. Off to find some cola.


That hasn’t helped. There is just more of it to drink now. :lou_sad:


I am not a fan of agricole rums. Another fine idea the French fucked up.


Last night affair was Sailor Jerry. To be honest I was a bit “meh” about that, however anything was better than that Agricole shite


One to two day moratorium called. At the firm piss up tonight and unlikely to want to face booze tomorrow, so will probably be playing catching up on Monday.


For GB’s benefit: I cracked open the Spiced St Lucia Chairman’s Reserve tonight. Being shittily cold outside I could not be arsed to head out again and buy the recommended mixers. So instead I served it with:

  • juice of a lime

  • ginger ale

  • a dash of Angostura bitters

  • plenty of ice

and I am pleased to say that I am on my second one as I type :lou_lol:


Will not be opening rum tonight - I was all I could do not to throw up at the football. I still have a headache.


I’m baaacckkk.

tonight (or should I say Saturdays) is South Pacific 12yr 2004 Bonpland

very light and subtle


In for a penny…

i have opened yesterday’s as well

Woods 100 Old navy rum. Eek.

now my vague memories of Lambs is not great, however this has exceeded my particularly low expectation. Real liquorice notes to this.


This sounds interesting!

Only 488 bottles produced!

Fucking Hell! Just seen the price!


Jeez, better scrub that off the crimbo list

it was good but it wasn’t 3x better than westerhall


That’s a good site for rum by the way :lou_wink_2:


Aledgedly this is good stuff

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