🥃 The Rum Thread

:tumbler_glass: The Rum Thread


Just read this thread for the first time. Makes my purchase of Sailor Jerry at the weekend look like an embarrassing travesty…

I obviously know fuck all about rum, pretty much like my knowledge of wine. :lou_sad:


This is OK unless you have an eye patch and wooden leg and make the sound’Arghhh’ frequently. If that was the case, then yes you would be a laughing stock amongst the Privateers and would no longer be welcome here;


The Ayatollah has.proven yet again why she is an epic bird. She has just presented me with a rum advent calender.

roll on December :lou_lol:


Nice! I shall be expecting daily reviews!


Incidentally, the Ron Abuelo Panamanian 12 year old rum is lush in a corn n oil.

I may have had too many and ordered a new boston cocktail shaker, hawthorne strainer and muddler.

Ebay whilst tipsy: :lou_facepalm_2:


On the first day of Christmas…

Behind door 1 of the advent calendar is a Ron Zacapa Sistema Solera 23. A nice start.


Does he have a sister…aound 18?

Asking for a friend.


Ron Zacapa Sistema Solera 69


Hardly recognised her without the beard. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Ron Jeremy actually has a Rum line now. It’s alright.



Does it go down well? Or is it a stiff drink? Bet you feel well fucked after a few of those


Iiiiiiinnnnnnnn 2

Pirate Grog No 13

Slightly sweeter but still has a bit of a harsh alcohol burn


Day 3 in the CB house

Rumbullion is the order of the day. A lovely little spic3d number. My favourite so far.


I remember being at aparty when about 15 or 16 ands raiding the hosts parents booze cabinet… all tehy had left was this… I am sure it wasresponsible for the later explosive regugitation


Like christmas in a bottle isn’t it! Lots of cloves and cinnamon.


This and captain morgans was my drink of choice when I was younger as that was the only dark rum in the pubs back then. It was only when I went to Cuba aged 20ish that I discovered other rum and then the navy rums were ditched.

We bought a bottle of Mount Gay Black Barrel recently. Too whisky like for my palate.


Today’s instalment is a Don Q Gran Anejo.

Has a hint of bourbon about this one.


Ok help needed please. In the Bucks drinks supplies, we have discovered a bottle of St Lucia Chairman’s Reserve rum:


I cant remember the last time I had any rum at all. Mrs Bucks cant remember what she used to drink with this while on holiday (but it must have been good, prompting a bottle purchase). Suggestions please?



Here is a review of it