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:tumbler_glass: The Rum Thread


Yeah, they look like a friendly, cool couple.


Not small measures eitherby the looks of it. :lou_is_a_flirt:


I have a Rum Story. It is also kind of legendary now.

When I 1st landed here we had a party. Someone bought a bottle of Indian Dark Rum. Nobody touched it. Soon after we went to a party. We took the bottle of Rum. Nobody touched it.

Repeat for two years to the point where this became a well known standing joke. I took a bottle from Dubai Free to the UK and a mate with a bottle of Indian Whisky. He admitted that it had been the best thing ever for getting Tea stains out of his favourite mugs and shining up his wife’s silverware.

One week we arrived at a party given by an Indian with mainly Indians present. We handed the (somewhat battered) bottle to the host who exclaimed…


His compatriots went nuts all charging to the kitchen for glasses and staring longingly at the bottle. We were the most popular people in town.

We since discovered some facts. Even today in a land of the 12 quid pint, a Bottle of Old Monk costs around 2 quid in the booze shop.

Today? Everyone has a bottle at home. It has become one of THE most drunk Rums in the World. In the UK you can now get it on conniseur web sites for 19.95.

It IS unusual, bt it is very palatable and hasn’t (yet) caused my stomach to melt into my shoes.

However, while you experts would do strange things like have it with ice, the LEADING role for the beloved little bottle is that it truly does make the perfect Mai Tai base as well as kicking the shit out of a Margherita if you add just a capful to the mix.

So, when you come across soeone telling you how up market the stuff is these days, remember us, having had a treasured icon in our possession all that time and being oblivious to it’s delights.

And no, I haven’t tried McDowells. I’d never drink anything named after a golfer.

A 7 year old rum from Uttar Pradesh in India. It’s one of the largest selling rums in the world, almost all thanks to word of mouth.


Had Bletch down as as a B&Coke man.

. Image result for Bacardi


I nearly down voted @areloa-grandee for sharing a photo of that awful ‘rum’.

I can recommend the book Bicardi: The Hidden War for an interesting look at their history. Mixed reviews as you may imagine.


It was a bit of a jest Intiniki…at Bletch’s expense… but I had underestimated the level offence this white piss would have amongst the Pirate classes :lou_wink_2:


@goatboy I am using this thread for some christmas presents. Cheers.

Any more suggestions?


Wot, sending people a link to the thread? Tight-wad or what @intiniki ?!



I’m not sure my mum would be into the forum or the forum is ready for my mum. I’ve gone and searched each rum, looked at reviews and eveything. Sent a few to her to pick one for someone else.


Get your mum on here @intiniki

She’ll sort out all of the bickering


Currently at a mates mums 60th.

Ive drunk the place out of Kraken.



I am enjoying this:

particularly in hemingway daiquiris but good enough to sip it neat.


And this:

for the dark and stormies.


And these for the rum old fashioned:


And this for the corn n oils:


Image result for pirates drinking rum




but this is a bit strange…


Stumbled across a diplomatico minature whilst in a bottle shop in the Cotswolds - As I havent had this before and the Goat is always banging on about it, I thought it would be rude not to. Any way Santa has got something else to stick in his sled now.