🥃 The Rum Thread


Glass of it at son in-laws, can of 6X then Port & Stilton.
A perfect evening & loved that Rum


It’s great, but a bit expensive for the size of bottle. I’ll probably buy more now you’ve reminded me :beers:

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I have another fecking cold on the way, so I have cracked open the rum

A stocking filler 50ml bottle of HMS Victory navy strength barrel aged from the IOW. Surprising smooth for a 57%. Really quite nice.


Anyone want to try Cartavio rum, now is the time. Ponto Brasil & Latino have the 12 year old at £23.98 that’s almost 50% off. The wonderful 18 year old is £40-£45(£20 off).
It will say £10.90 postage, but that stays the same however many you buy. I have gone for these.
The 12, as it’s so cheap and i’ve not tried before.
Same with this one. Had the expensive one, now to try the 12.
Been looking at this for quite a while and this is the best price i’ve found.
And after @Polski_Filip reminding me of the glorious flavour of honey rum, a 3 pack should last a couple of days.
Sorry Phil, it’s the cheap version, but 3 was only a few quid more than a single one of these beauties.
That one is still the best i’ve tasted, but i drink it so fast.


Is this from the German site?


Yeah and they are on amazon(need to go into their own site through amazon). The Cartavio 18 is well worth the money at £45ish(normally £66 or more and it’s worth that) The 12, i don’t know, as this will be the first time.
I got the 3 rums, 3 honey rums + postage for £141,so basically one free compared to UK prices.
If i like the 12, i’ll be ordering 3 more and an 18.

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It’s getting near that date, so back on the German site before we declare war(or whatever).
Todays selection.
This was quite nice(dry & earthy) and is ridiculously cheap.
This is better and i’m looking forward to reacquainting with it.
This i’ve wanted to try and the price is very good.
And this because it has the word miel and that’s enough to interest me.

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You know that miel is French for honey don’t you?


I’m thinking it’s more the Spanish for honey when it comes to some of those rums.


Is it not correct?
I blame the label, rather than my shit language skills :wink:


Which one to drink answer soon as I need to open one

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Silly boy. The answer is both :grin:

Edit: a nice choice to have to make.


If you are on your own - the XO

If there are others trying to get their snorkels in - the 23


There is 2 of us and the 23 got opened. :slight_smile:

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The 23 is a very nice rum and my Filippino friend asssisting me drank it as it should be drunk with more 23.

The XO has now been reserved until the son revives himself next sunday :slight_smile:


We did not drink too much of it

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Ooops I drank the rest