🥃 The Rum Thread

:tumbler_glass: The Rum Thread


on the 12. like welcoming an old friend. have a big list for christmas :wink:


All considerations taken and that would be my pick. Under £35, full of flavour and smooth.
Don’t drink too much :wink:


Also have a couple of bottles (from the rumfest) to open at christmas: the Abuelo XV port cask finish , and this one:


Also still not done this:

saving for my birthday on 01/01/19


lol. have just ordered another bottle,


This will annoy you. You’ll drink so much, so quick. It should have a warning.


I is a good boy with a nagging mrs.


Jesus my head.


Thought you were a bit snippy last night :rofl::joy::rofl:




Running down stocks that I can’t ship to Poland.
It’s Friday night.
It’s time.
I found this way before Clarkson & Co.

No doubrt as Bazza thinks we’re all commie pinkos it will just confirm his beliefs :roll_eyes:


Oh and no.
I have discovered that mixing Cherry Lemon and Cherry Vodka I can create a decent Mau Tao clone using Orange & pineapple juice & fresh lime.
I ain’t dumb enough to try to sip this. More likely to use it to strip the polish off my bar before re- shining it


Oh Lord.
Maybe as a cocktail mixer
Just read a forum on it. Apparently best to mix it with petrol