🥃 The Rum Thread

:tumbler_glass: The Rum Thread


Very nice. Let us know how you get on with it(in a month or so).



I think they stock it in Asda now too.


Ok so as I have just been lucky enough to holiday in St Lucia (courtesy of Mrs Bucks getting a heap of travel vouchers from work), I have endulged a few rums in the past week. All part of my learning curve, mostly with Chairman’s Reserve Spiced rum of course.

The drink I expected to enjoy least (based on its colour as well as content) was the Hurricane: Double rum, Grenadine, Pineapple juice and Orange juice. Simple and bloody delicious, esp when it was 29 degrees :wink::grinning:


And you missed the Man U game for this? Barry’s right - our fans are fucking lightweights.


Yep we got back from The Caribbean on Saturday morning…only I was motivated to attend the United game despite getting fuck all sleep on the plane…lightweight @Bucks

We were in St. Lucia on the 26th and ended up getting “caned” at the Casaries Karaoke bar “Rum Therapy”…

The main Karaoke draw as always was Nicole David…Rockin’ Proud Mary…


Looks like the sequel to Cocoon is going to be good.


I was in St Lucia until Sunday @lifeintheslowlane, and was in Gros Islet rather than Castries, but well done you


Rum isn’t something that has taken off in Asia, which is unusual because they have a sweet tooth (coke in red wine shenanigans, again ffs)

In stead they are beholden to cognac and Whiskey, which the silly cunts still mix.

Maybe the rum producers should up their prices over here to make it cool


Ah yes, the Veblen effect…


Ii’s big in the Philippines @CB-Saint lots of it and cheap.


I meant the good stuff!!


Its all good

Just some better than others :laughing:


Answer is simple. You ever tried Thai Rum?

(Or Thai Whisky for that matter)


I have tried Sri Lankan “rum” and that was enough


You chose Rum in Sri Lanka over Arrak? You deserve to have been horrified!


Tried both and spent the entire holiday trying to find something to mix with them to make them palatable

Coconut water was the most effective from memory


I drank so many SangSom sets in Thailand that now just the smell of it makes me want to yak. I’ve had a full bottle in my cupboard for over 10 years.


Enmore tonight and i’ve just poured out far too much. Oh well, i did abstain yesterday(sore head from Monday).
This is closer to my expectation of rum. Not as sweet as usual El Dorado, but rewarded with a combination of flavours more intense than the normal “hints”. Much more.
Expensive, not as unusual as the Port Morant, but still offering great depth of flavour. This is a very very good sipping rum.
Stupid price, but a definite yes(just the once).


Just cracked onto the El Dorado. First rum in a while as I’m trying to be good before christmas. I blame Barry.


Which? I haven’t a 12 for a bit and i’m missing the easy familiarity, if i’m honest.
21 is good value, even for the price(rich and deep, but beautifully balanced). Worth a punt to any request of “what do you want for Christmas”.