🥃 The Rum Thread

:tumbler_glass: The Rum Thread


That’s a decent drink. Easy sipping rum, well worth the money. Enjoy and be surprised in the morning, by looking at the bottle(what’s left), then realising how easy it went down :grin:


Don’t, just don’t.


All Kill Devil, or a particular one?
Thought it was pricey.


30mls of mank

No idea what the cost was as it was a pressie

Currently mouth washing with Westerhall


Decent mouth wash. I drunk to much el dorado versailles(63%) last night so a night off tonight.
It’s a lovely drink, but stupid money, so it’ll be a one off.


Plan on buying a few bottles next weekend so I made a rum shelf :lou_sunglasses:


Best crack on and drinks some of those bad boys to make some room then.


I can recommend a decorator to come in put that shelf straight if you want.


Don’t even go there. I made a right fucking mess. Shit walls.


Looks like Chippendale compared with my efforts. My old woodwork teacher at school,(lovely man incidentally), used to call me Chippendale. When i mentioned this to my old man he fell about laughing, which puzzled me. This was before i understood what irony meant!


Off to the dominican Rep on Sunday - anyone got any recommendations to bring back?


I like Atlantico but you can get that cheap enough here and might be a bit ‘light’ for some tastes. Something by Brugal or Bodegas is a good bet.


Ooh. Been a while since found this here.
All £3.80 A bottle.
@PhilippineSaint will know it well.


I cant say I kow it very well
But at 3.50 a bottle would have to be a better bottle to buy :lou_lol: than I normally drink.


I forgot to post about this.

About £50 a bottle and it’s lovely. Starts with a caramel taste(but not too sweet) and then the other flavours come through. It’s dangerous though, as it goes down far too easily.
I have none left :cry:


Got a bottle sitting on the shelf :slight_smile:


Have you opened it yet?
I found I always drunk more than i thought i had.



This is what came back with me from the Dominican, however the Ayatollah has confiscated it saying its my xmas present :lou_angry:


Not yet.


Hoi. What was that festive rum, @Goatboy?