🥃 The Rum Thread

:tumbler_glass: The Rum Thread


In fact its very very nice


Review time for the rums i’ve been drinking.
They’re lovely, i’m pissed, buy them.

For those that like more detail, here’s the bit i have to think about.
This is under £30 a bottle and reasonably good. The kind described as tobacco/leather/cigar. Nice enough, but i’d be tempted to try their next level up.

This i like a lot, but if i remember correctly it’s £50 odd quid a bottle. So forget it, there’s as good £10 cheaper and for another £10-£15 you can get the Cartavio 18 which is far superior.

Now this one is still unopened.

Win the tournament and it’s history😁


Okkkkk my first foray into not white Rum

Mixer suggestions please, it neat with ice?


Neat. It’s pretty good for a product of Cornwall.


Are you going oop norf this weekend @Goatboy??


Nope. Saving myself for the Earls Court one.


Saw this and thought of you @Goatboy


Feels like winter is on its way so back on the rum. Giving this a going over this evening.


Is anyone heading to the Rum Festival in London? It happens to be at the end of our week off so think we may head there.


Yep. Going on the Saturday.


I’m going to The Caribbean in mid November.




Cruisin’ again man…Barbados , Antigua, Dominica, St. Lucia, St. Maarten, St. Kitts, Grenada, St. Vincent etc etc.


Nice. Feel free to bring me back a bottle :lou_wink_2:


Any preference?


Foursquare in Barbados make nice rum but no preference really!


Life’s a bitch isn’t it?


Yep it’s a struggle but we try not to weaken.


So am I - Dominican for me assuming that the hurricane season has given it a swerve this year


A little bit of this for me tonight:

Very nice it is too.