🥃 The Rum Thread

:tumbler_glass: The Rum Thread


Mrs G has fetched me back a bottle of this from her hols:

I shall sample later.


Having a celebratory Ron Zacapa XO



The above is my next rum


I must admit it is not a bad Rum and I will be drinking more of it .


The only way to cope with this heat is to drink as many mojitos as possible.
3 teaspoons caster sugar in a hi ball glass.
Add 12 mint leaves and muddle gently bruising the leaves.
Add juice of a lime and muddle gently again.
Add 50ml good white rum (I am using El Dorado 3 yr old).
fill glass with ice. mix gently and top with soda water.
Garnish with wheel of lime and sprig of mint.


I tend to use brown sugar and not that much.


That glass is the size of my head :lou_wink_2:


I have just ordered this. AC_SY400
And this.
But i didn’t think to look for more Peruvian rum.


You only drink (Peruvian) when you’re winning.


Cool. Let me know what they are like SOS.


Wish they’d win more, it was very good.


Will do. Was so tempted by a El Dorado Enmore. £40 off but even with the discount it’s still £135. I’ll just have to be content looking at the picture.


Get a ticket to the rum fest, you may be able to try before you buy :lou_wink_2:


Too late i’m afraid, unless the rum fest is before Tuesday :tumbler_glass:


Thanks for the reminder @goatboy must actually go this year.
Damnit. Just realised we will be away then.
Anyway for those who are here’s the link again.


Cheers for the link @Intiniki will have one for you on the day.


If only I had an important birthday coming up around that time…
Downside just burnt my airmiles for the golf thingy


Look what I found in KL airport on the way home


Is very nice with some ice