🥃 The Rum Thread

:tumbler_glass: The Rum Thread


I have seen this in Costco for a decent price. Any good?

edit. Classy.



Well just checked in and the room comes with a litre of Appleton special, which we are told they will happily replace as many times as we need.

i think we may have found the yin to the Betty Ford Clinic yang


The first half of the football made me head for the rum.

The Matusalem 23 gran reserva is very good and the more i drink the less anxious about the football i become.


On the Dictador this evening.


Truth be told I’m a bit shit faced. I’v gone through Sout America, the Carribean, done a bit of Fiji etc…

Ive had a damned gooos row abouut the EU, Israel, Russia etc… Now I’m home ansd longing for something,




Thats not a nice thing to say about your Mrs. :lou_lol:


How’s the head, Goat?


Stop looking for compliments. If he didn’t like it he’d have told you.


Feeling quite chipper! I’ll get back to you around lunch time though.


Hangover cure ready for the oven!


Appleton 21yr old today


Batangas won the Philippine national Basketball tournament sponsered by Tanduay the biggest Rum producer and as the Son in law was the organiser of the event it seems a shame to let these bottles go to waste on the team.


Looking at that pic I think I have already drunk them. :lou_lol:


Trying a bottle of this tonight:

It’s from the Dominican Republic and it’s pretty good. Smooth, buttery, fairly sweet with toffee hints but not over sugary. Yum. £27 per bottle including delivery on Amazon. Bargain.


Trying a whole bottle, on a Tuesday? A braver man than me…


Off to the Dominican later in the year. Shall keep an eye out


It will be 2.70 over there not the 27.00 quid Goat paid :lou_lol: