The Rum Thread

The Rum Thread


May head to Rumfest next year.



Birthday rum. Mrs G is a keeper.



i have been conspicuously absent from this thread, mainly because I needed a rum sabbatical. Turns out you can have too much of a good thing.

Back on it in feb



That’s my fault, Sorry.


I’ll share the blame with you CB S.


Just opened a bottle of Mount Gay Black Barrel Barbados rum

and very nice it is too.

My old man said its very smooth and will blow you head off got any coke :lou_facepalm_2:


On the plantation xo 20 th anniversary. Might be a bit too sugary for my taste


El Dorado 12 yr old for me this evening. SOS will approve.


Try La Hechicera Solera 21(m&s have it).

I normally like the smooth demerara rums. This one isn’t, but it’s dragging me back again and again. Prunes, expresso and tobacco flavours. Very nice and about £35-40

I am waiting on a delivery of a Brugal 1888 and a Matusalem 23 gran reserva which reads like nectar from the gods ,going on this review.

Nose: Fresh honey and golden syrup. Crunchy almonds. Cedar wood.

Palate: Creamy and rich, with plenty of fruit joining the sweet, sugary notes.

Finish: Spiced and lasting on the finish. Overall: One to savour and enjoy neat.

If it can deliver this, i’m in heaven at under £50 a bottle.


Approve is an understatement. I don’t think there’s another bottle at the same price that compares. £33 a bottle and it’s smooth, rich and leaves an almost peat whisky clean aftertaste.

If anything proves we are an intelligent species, it’s El Dorado rum.


Me and the old man nearly had a catastrophe the other day.

The maid was sent shopping for Tanduay rum and came back empty handed “ non availble” she says,

The driver was then despatched to the next city and 5 botttles duly arrived.

Dry throats averted.


Bajan Estates Twin Cask XO tonight.


That sounds interesting!


Very smooth, a bit too sweet. Needs to be in a rum punch. Not bad for a M&S special


So after hauling a colleague’s arse of out a particularly deep puddle of shite, he popped into my office this morning with a bottle of Ron Zacapa sistema 23 solera to say thank you.

classy move


I have seen this in Costco for a decent price. Any good?

edit. Classy.



Well just checked in and the room comes with a litre of Appleton special, which we are told they will happily replace as many times as we need.

i think we may have found the yin to the Betty Ford Clinic yang


The first half of the football made me head for the rum.

The Matusalem 23 gran reserva is very good and the more i drink the less anxious about the football i become.