💒 The Royal Wedding

:wedding: The Royal Wedding


I managed to get the Mrs pissed on a bottle of Porto Cruz so she missed it now I am in trouble again :lou_eyes_to_sky:


The morning after.

To be fair to them it seems they managed to piss everyone off tradition wise.

Except not the public and even some of the grumpy gits have said fairplay.

The Yank Preacher changed everything

And as for ROI probably sold £30m worth of Strawberry Jam & Clotted Cream down here alone judging from my FB feed this morning.

Pubs here were charging aed500pp for the event Inc Brit classic food & booze.

Meanwhile Wizz Air had a flash sale & I got return tickets to Poland from here for aed 430.

Aed 5.5=£1

So good result all round





Fuck sake, the missus switches the telly on this morning and it’s replays of the wedding :lou_facepalm_2:


It’s going to be in the news for a bit.


I thought that was Frank Turner in that pic for a second.


I’ll have you know I’m a celebrity in my own right. :lou_wink_2:


Bloody hell.

They had colour photography when you got married?


Found by Eric

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Only for a select few…I told you I’m a celebrity.


I think it was one of those that were hand coloured- it looks about the right era



Get me out of here




You haven’t changed a bit @lifeintheslowlane


Thanks @btripz the cheque’s in the post. :lou_lol:


Go on, click on the link, I dare you

Harry and Megan release wedding photos


There was an excruciating 30 min discussion in the office about the wedding today. The fully I had a meeting to get to.


I did


Stupid. Stupid. Stupid!


I am pretty sure that the Ayatollah hasn’t put the phone down gassing to her mates re the wedding. On the up side I now know what happened as I got royally twatted and cant remember a thing.