💒 The Royal Wedding

:wedding: The Royal Wedding


what the fuck is going on ?


It’s gone into extra time.


When is the FA Cup final on? …or whatever they call it now. I want to make sure I’m doing something else then.


Top geezers.


I’m making a list. You’re all for the tower.


After your post yesterday you’ll be there before any of us.



What can I say? I’m a turncoat.


OK that’ all done can we now thrash his cricket team please?


Avoiding the wedding cost me £350. Money well spent.

Being offered a special drinking cup (not quite a toddler cup but not far off) with “prosecco princess” on it for £2 as a special for the wedding was a real highlight.


You bought 175 of them?


Just about sums up the freak show.


Is it over yet?


Has anyone checked Markle’s documentation? There are targets you know.


Naaa…just let her settle in first…then slap her down hard…it’s the only way.


Not sure even I could drink 175 prosecco. Sadly main cost was 4 pairs of glasses (for my face)!


OK OK…so you have 8 eyes? :lou_surprised:


That would maybe be easier.

Just the 2 eyes. See double all the time.

Need specs for distance (now). So got a pair and a pair of sunglasses. Also a pair for reading and a pair for PC work. There was talk of prisms for the double vision. Unlikely to work. Also varifocals wouldn’t be good. So that’s how you end up with several pairs and £288 down.





Look none of you lot are my FB friends but there are pics of Harry & Meh driving off in a blue E-type Jag…

= my wedding car!

How cool am I!


Naaa…this is cool…our wedding car…


Alan Moore, one of my heroes, says he prefers to criticise things from a position of complete ignorance.

I did not see the Royal Wedding today. It was fucking shit.