💒 The Royal Wedding

:wedding: The Royal Wedding


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oh Gawd, the women are off

Weeks of Talking Heads appearing on a TV Screen near you.

Should we start our own souvenir business? Make money for pre-match beers?

What is the Soviet position on this? Will they watch from the VIP Champagne Room?


Obviously. Congratulations to everyone involved.

Murdoch Group.



No sorry I meant to Harry & Meghan. And congrtulations to all the Paps out there (excluding our own who should be Pap the Pap I suppose) and may they enjoy their air miles



I have not a fuck to give…


Has she done any porn flicks?

Asking for a friend.


But you should.

You will be faced with an impenetrable Wall of Souvenirs in the coming months. Your wife and her friends will spend seconds debating what ones to get so that you can all keep them for the grandchildren and make a fortune.

Just like someone did with this original 1980 era Coffee Mug

Currently on sale on ebay for a massive $15.26.

Think of the legacy you could leaave with investment decisions like that!


So you will have to arrange to have the Yank “bumped off” in mysterious circumstances in 15 years time?


Always considered a good career move.


I really do not care and will not be one of those people buying anything or watching it at all.

Though if they want to give us a day off I am always up for that but I’d probably binge watch something on Netflix instead.


Nothing better in times of austerity than a Royal Wedding. That’ll take the proles’ minds off of not having enough to eat and all of the worries of everyday life. Not sure if it will stop the mob wanting Mauricio Pellegrino out though. That would probably take a declaration of war with North Korea.


Suits perhaps?


I’m confused.

Don’t you need members of the Royal Family for a Royal Wedding?


Wasnt Harry born before Diana started playing hide the sausgae with the ginger tosser?


I’m sure that’s the story, and they’re sticking to it.


So will Harry’s father be invited to the nuptials?

I remember Private Eye used to have the occasional feature when they would make an excuse to print some innocent story about Harry when he was a child, illustrate it with a photo, then on the facing page print an innocent story about James Hewitt when he was a child and illustrate that with a photo. It is pretty much accepted elsewhere in the world that Hewitt is Harry’s father, newspapers and magazines on the continent and elsewhere have never held back from telling it as it is. Only the British, and to a certain extent the Americans are still desperate to believe the Hans Christian Anderson nonsense. Just look at the headlines in todays newspapers, talking about a “fairytale wedding”, and other such childish bullshit. Sadly an awful lot of the serfs will buy into it, will be camping out for days, in the cold, outside Buck House, waving their butcher’s aprons, desperate for a glimpse of the happy couple. Embarrassing and sad.


Wont be getting a tea towel then?


A friend once told me that if you get the folds right on the tea towel when wanking you could make it look like Diana was given you head… best I got was a BJ from a deformed Charles :flushed::open_mouth:


Perhaps we, the public, should demand a DNA test before the wedding goes ahead. Just think of the money we would save if it was proven that he isnt a Royal!


OMG it’s started, just had an alert pop up from Sky News :-

“Harry and Meghan: First appearance as newly engaged couple - Live on Sky News”


And so it begins. Just take a look at this retard.