💒 The Royal Wedding

:wedding: The Royal Wedding


As much as I dont want to keep this shit fucking thread on the first page, I am sure that I heard on the radio today that Megan Markle’s nephew had been caught trying to get into a London nightclub with a knife but released. They said on the radio that he had been caught with the knife after Trump had said his bit about London being awash with knife crime. Firstly, why wasnt the fucker arrested and secondly, as anti Trump as I am, you can’t blame him for this prick carrying a knife.


And I bet the dress still fits.


So are we all looking forward to spunking 2m of taxpayer cash to keep the next set of parasites safe and sound on their special day?


Reminded me of Citizen Smith:

: [Ken has told Shirley that Wolfie will be coming to dinner] That’s it mate. Come the revolution, you’ll be first against the wall bop-bop-bop!

Ken : My God will be with me

Wolfie : Well he better be wearing a bullet-proof toga!


As it’s now the End of Austerity, i reckon we should throw another mill at it, just for the craic. It’s not as if there are homeless on the streets anymore or workers not earning enough to get above the poverty line, now Mrs M has shaken her magic money tree, is it?


Announced yesterday that another 250,000 is being thrown at it, apparently 2 million isn’t enough. The police have been along the route warning the homeless that they will be arrested if they are there on the big day. They have also been told that their belongings, sleeping bags etc will be destroyed. What a thoroughly nasty country we have become. And there will still be loads of sad numpties lining the route, touching their forelocks, waving their butcher’s aprons and cheering these parasites as they go by in their carriage, looking down their noses at the plebs. I hope it pisses down.


I hope it pisses down and they all get the shits after a dodgy bit of pheasant.
I don’t know if Fergie is still liable to a pissed up meltdown these days, but I hope she behaves appallingly and there is a bit of scandal revolving around a bag of charlie, a vibrating horse leg and a couple of naked dwarves.


Thanks, I now have this image of a scantily clad Fergie gyrating drunkenly with the groom and then doing some sort of routine from Striptease on the chairs…


Nice thread…who’s getting married?

Honestly I don’t know…on second thoughts, don’t tell me I’m not interested.


I only found out this morning when I was in the shop, Princess Eugenics.


Well, there’s little doubt that this is actually a Royal Wedding. Andy Windsor cannot deny her.


That genuinely made me laugh out loud.



I’d like the police to maybe investigate crime not harass people already having a shitty time of it.


Fergie doing a striptease, Will I am being there. Obviously this will be one of the greatest gigs ever


If it was THAT Fergie then it would be, unfortunately…





Absofuckingloutely mental outfit.

No comment on the wearer…


It is quite something!


I was reading earlier that Fergie’s car was escorted by four police motorcycle outriders. Like the arrival of a president. Seems like taxpayer’s money well spent to me! Worth remembering that police only investigate 60% of reported crime. We are held in contempt by these people, that’s for sure. Pay increase of 30% for Judges, lavish refurbishment of Buck House, shake that magic money tree! “Daddy, my cousins had a carriage ride, i want one too”.

And what the fuck is a ‘Tequila brand ambassador’?