💒 The Royal Wedding

:wedding: The Royal Wedding


I took off on someone on Facebook for posting an image which showed Harry in his military gear, stating that any taxpayer that was moaning about footing the wedding bill should know that he has already _paid _for our safety.

Fuck right off.

His time in Afghanistan hasn’t made us any safer, as anyone that can remember the horrific first six months of 2017 will agree with. Added to that, we almost certainly put lives at risk to ensure that he could have his go at playing soldier. Finally, the only thing that seems to have been achieved in Afghanistan, with the benefit of hindsight, is an opioid crisis which didn’t exist when the Taleban were in charge.


Royal wedding off after Meghan realises Harry not Ed Sheeran


Personally that would have driven me into the union.


I’m not actually anti-Royalist per se. I just think there are better ways of picking them than which vag they fell out of.


So the father of the bride has been barred. Brian has landed the gig of giving the bride away. Presumably James Hewitt is double booked. Ms Markle’s family seem an interesting bunch. I have to hand it to Harry the Cuckoo, he has managed to find a bride from a family that is even more dysfunctional than the Windsors. No mean feat.



Fuck em. That’s what I say.


Kate & Megan f’sure. Not that keen on Chazza tbough


I’m actually getting quite excited that in a few short hours I’ll be able to turn on the radio or TV news without 75% of the hourly programming being given over to the marriage of two people who are plainly just the same as you and me except that you and I pay for their wonderful life.


Hmmmm really?? From the people who brought you Brexit, May, Corbyn etc???

there would be president Blair or president Ant & Dec before you could blink.


I’ve just been shouted at for talking over the bride’s responses. As if it were some sort of important part of the ceremony.

FFS rewind it if you want to hear it again. :lou_facepalm_2:


Thank fark for Mobdro…

Just earned 8 gazillion brownie points for getting a stream for Mrs D_P after every windows based one failed to load (must be something on telly)

I’ve been munching bacon sarnies with impunity for lunch.

Nice frock though


She is now in hysterics at the American Dude’s speech. Everyone in the chapel is cracking up as well.

That’s just not British ffs

But the man just became a legend


He’s going on about bombs now!


Who’s talking about Presidents? Certainly not me. Keep the King and Queen lark, just choose a different means of succession. A write in would be a very good way to establish an initial shortlist for public discussion. It’d still be a lifetime gig.

If it is not beyond our wit to say “hey Mr Brit, you have done nice things for your country. How would you like a knighthood?”, then it shouldn’t really be beyond our ken to retain our institutions while reforming them.

The monarchy is supposed to be a ceremonial role that embodies the British state in people. Personally, I don’t think it as ceremonial as people are led to believe, nor do I believe that the current crop of contenders are the best representation of our best values. At best, they’re as dysfunctional as the rest of us. At worst, they’ve used the power of the state for some very nefarious ends.

The media is losing their shit because the Royals have finally decided that we can have a brown person related to the Royals. I’m sorry, but that’s been a thing for over half a century amongst our commoners, and pretty fucking standard for the last thirty. Should we really be that excited that this backward family has finally caught up with the times?

Besides, for all that, there are several people who believe that the Royals had a rather different reaction to a brown person joining their family in 1997, and whether those reports are true or not, Meghan Markle won’t be walked down the aisle by her black father today. Of course, he’s just had an operation, and that’s the reason. *Cough* Optics *splutter*.

She’ll be walked down the aisle by this man, who’ll render my comments redundant by destroying the monarchy on his own.


Jeez he’s gonna over run into the football at this rate


The Sleaford Mods have this to say on Facebook.

Royal Wedding is for Disney cunts with fuck all else in their lives.

Are they Saints fans at all? I think they’d get on with this place rather well.


Yep my wife’s just been ranting about the Evangelical Snake Oil salesman trying to sell his product to a very glum looking congregation.

Comedy Gold right there. :lou_lol:




I knew it!

GOT is real!

The High Sparrow conducted the service!

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