The Pain In Spain

The Pain In Spain


Think what you want Pap old son, I thinkI got the jist of your post and I am on the driveway reversing with a coffee I’m trying to fuck, I think I may need to visit the A&E though as the coffee has gone over my helmet…


This was not even your argument but you could not resist stiring up more shit could you? Typical of those for whom everything is black or white and who seem unable to grasp that not everything or everyone fits into some nice neet box…life (and most people) do not fit your convenient little lables - its much too complex to do so… but it is something that is common amongst those who slavishly follow some doctrine or another - incredibly naive.

For someone who loves to spout your own selfrighteous position at every opportunity, I can only asume you fail to see the irony when you seem to wallow in stirring the shit as some sort of perverted pleasure… Label me as anything you like, but as with Barry you just highlight a high level of ignorance about people…

Barry is always so obvious a Troll looking for abite… but your posts seem to be increasingly attempting the same thing…


Any chance of sticking (vaguely) to the thread topic?


I don’t know when and have no idea at all where you were at the time. If i remember correctly, a thread about vat on them. You said you were sending your kid to one(pap locked it, remember?).

Can’t be more of a defender of something than financially supporting them, whilst handing your children over to be brainwashed into believing they are superior, in a system that segregates children purely on their parents wealth.


Oh I remember now, I said I’d send my kids to private school if I could afford it because the local school is one of the worst in the Country, you said you’d send your kids to this said shit school due to YOUR principles, oh I remember, not your finest hour son.





If i refer to Barry as Mr Sanchez will it help?


I had Goaty, but Barry seems to troll by pretending he does not get it and making some ridiculous point about Torries and liberals… I had merely tried to point out that whilst it is everyones democratic right to seek whatever ‘rule’ they wish local, central global… whatever… that the desire to be more ‘independent’ is typically due to eitehr historical or current forms of oppression… in the Catalan case, historic pain, as we saw in Balkans etc… and that those oppressive histories all stem from people seeking power and influence (and wealth) oppressing, invading or treating folks like shit… this leaves a legacy (see Scotland and all its own historical shit that is always referenced - or the all the more recent shit dished out by Tory Westminster eg. Poll tax experiments -folks dicking over overs… the root cause of increased desire to rid oneself of those things.

HOwever, my point was very simple, that increasing isolationism, based on historical ‘issues of division’ only serve to cement those issues and prejudices… and are usually fuelled by otherswishing to benefit from thsoe new borders… just these twats are more local… I just dont see this as a solution.

Somehow, Barry considers this 'liberal elite on one page… yet Tory on another… so no ideawhat fucking planet his brain is on, and pap loves to jump on anyone who has ever mentioned they support anything thatdoes not fit with his politicalmodel and its nice convenient labels…


David Cameron is a liberal elite and a tory? You’re all over the shop son, as I say youneed history lessons.

You also said war is always about greed, not only wrong but totally ignorant me old china.


A penance. It even mentions the EU.

They shut down private sites, not just ones related to the referendum.

Independently of whether one agrees or disagrees with the decision of the Spanish courts to ban the referendum, the closing of many regular Internet spaces can only be viewed, in a great number of cases, as a grave violation of freedom of expression – and especially the freedom of political opinion – which is protected in international treaties and by Article 11 of the European Union’s Charter of Fundamental Rights on “Freedom of expression and information”.


You are now repeating yourself, not for the first time. Its intreging that you keeping trying to make a point without actually being able to make one…


I think I made my point

You said all wars are about greed = wrong

You said liberal elite and tory as if they’re mutually exclusive, they’re not.

Load and clear.


Whatever, I’m going to watch football even a shite game between Armenia and Poland has more going for it than teh bollock you spout. Have fun.


Eres simplemente una conservador tímida en la realidad.

Solo Acéptalo.


Ha ha no son, just wanting the best for my kids and not afraid to be called a hypocrite.


What the fuck?

This thread seem to have taken a bit of a swerve from the main topic…



Actually he May & the rest are Common Purpose Communists or something like that.

Don’t subscribe to whacko theories but Google Common Purpose and while it’s bullshut, it’s credible bullshut.

Meanwhile IF Catalonia declares Independence surely Barca get thrown out of La Liga…

Oh and lots of concerned ex pats in Spain worrying about their retirement homes/nest eggsSome button shit of the highest order



Back on topic, another angle on not only Catalonia but also on the high Far Right vote in former East Germany.

Which still follows my generally rambling view that you can’t keep ignoring the wishes of people and their beliefs/fears/culture IF you are supposed to be a democracy.

No doubt some Politico will talk down to everyone again and make it all better…


There are plenty of Germans still on board. Why wouldn’t they be? They run much of the show, even though it’s impolitic to admit that too loudly. It is interesting that the chief beneficiary of the EU has managed to alienate so many of its citizens, and to such an extent.