The Pain In Spain

The Pain In Spain




Cameron and the rest are something like common purpose communists? That is bullshit, google liberal elite and who pops up? Centrist euro fanatics, he and May are very different, both Tory bastards but very different beasts.


For those of you who are trying to keep up (I know, I know) Barry’s reply is ‘obviously’ to Dubai Phil’s post from 2 weeks ago.


Don’t worry, I stop reading as soon as I see the word liberal

It keeps me in a happy place where I don’t want to rip off peoples heads and shit down their windpipes

It works for me





Good luck taking that back off them


Let’s see if they are still cheering a year down the line, when the penny drops that they have turned into the Western European version of Albania.

The first thing they should do is have a whip round and buy Puigdemont a new syrup, he must be wearing that one for a bet!



Yep this ought the help. Settle things right down, this will.



So when will the Madrid government be sending the tanks into Catalonia?




Well, that went well for Rajoy:


“…Separatist parties will hold a slim, reduced, majority in the new assembly…”

Will of the people and all that I guess then.


That is a proper “fuck it” moment.

Probably be put down to thick racist catalonians being fed a tidal wave of bullshit from their leadership.