🇪🇸 The Pain In Spain

It seems that Madrid does not want the Catalans to vote for independence. In fact, they don’t want them to vote at all. Can’t see this ending well.



And yet they want us to cede Gibraltar.

EU democracy in action.


fucking disgraceful



I spent a month of my life in Spain in 1994 over two fortnight long holidays. The girl I was staying with claimed she’d never been abroad. I spotted a souvenir from Portugal, so queried that claim.

“Oh, Portugal is not abroad”

This is fucking disgraceful. An unwanted demonstration of what happens when push comes to shove.

These people are not fighting the police. They are being brutalized.

Only the English are right wing and have fascists, this isn’t right, this will confuse the liberals…

It wasn’t too long ago that Spain was a dictatorship. Seems that it hasn’t been forgotten.

Mid you, we’ve got form for suppressing alterative views


Suppressing alternative views?

Go on.

Ok, for starters, how about Ulster, the miners, anti-austerity marches, I could go on, but a quick interweb search will show you plenty more Baz

Could add the London riots, but that was mainly opportunist scrotes…


How were Ulster views ever suppressed? The comedy of a voiceover of Adams was priceless comedy, don’t just say the miners what example of the miners?

Political suppression? Quite possibly there has been some but ALL do that and we’re far far far better than nearly all, not perfect but better than most.

Jesus for political comment and protest we’re a very good place for having a pop at the state.
The liberals won’t like that but name better?

You might like to check out ‘The battle of the bean fields’, and some of the footage of the UK police terrorizing women and children, smashing up their homes etc. Made the Spanish police look like choirboys. Also, as CS pointed out, the treatment meted out to the Miners in the 80s, squaddies masquerading as police, It doesn’t get much more fascist than that. This country’s hands are far from clean when it comes to agents of the state acting in a fascistic manner towards dissenters.


You are right Barry, I am confused. WTF are you talking about?

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Thank you @nottarf-krap