The Pain In Spain

The Pain In Spain


Aye that’s right Barryboy. Woosh😂


Yep. greed,lust for power, influence.


I don’t think we’re going to find a cure for greed or the lust for power and influence on this forum.

These impulses have dictated the whole of human history so I’m pretty sure that bazza and Areola aren’t going to produce any revelations.


Not at all. A valid article for the thread. Murray writes some excellent stuff.

If there is evidence of this(deliberate torture)

broke a woman’s fingers one by one.

the EU have to condemn the actions of the Madrid government.

Pretty much everything else, they can bullshit their way out of(not honestly, but you know how they operate). Not this.

I hope someone filmed it and releases it(i have no wish to see it, but it’s the absolute “smoking gun”).


A bit like your tin foil speculation bollocks then, whats good for the goose etc etc 1-1


Don’t remember ever speculating about tin foil(price will go up, would be my bet).

If you’re referring to the fact that authorities and media are speculating about a “lone wolf” in vegas, your on the wrong thread :lou_facepalm_2:


Tough one.

In UK the National Government approved a Referendum on indepence for Scotland.

In Iraq and Catalonia, local governments acted without that mandate.

Both are now on the verge of a mess that will not benefit their people.

To me they have both taken a short cut rather than push for the right conditions for legitimate separation.

Equally obvious has been the lack of political will in both nations central governments to seek a proper solution.

When faced with obstinate (out of touch or self centered politicians) the people always act.

Today Catalonia are saying they will cede within days. That is also stupid. A 42% turnout should give momentum not action obviously many could not vote.

What should happen now is dialogue. The Kings speech seems to have made that unlikely and push the split closer.

What a clusterfuck


The DNA of the EU is integration into one superstar.

Regional disintegration is intolerable to them.

They will make pronouncements and again seem out of touch when they should be calling for dialogue.

In fact NO EU government dare call for dialogue as the disease as they see itcould spread very quickly Bavaria for example

The Balkans should be on everyone’s mind - horrific but the new nation states are surviving



So he’s a Brexit dude then.

Our govt must be laughing with glee over these shenanigans - the EU seemingly helping sway opinion back towards Brexit - because it’s clear the British public are only swayed by the latest headlines and don’t bother looking deeper at, lets say, the actual background to why the Catalans kicked off or even looking deeper at the pros and cons of Brexit.


That is very unfair.

All Brits know the Pro of Brexit.

It was in big white letters on the side of a bus.


If the people feel they’re not in charge of their destiny then they’ll quite rightly take matters into their own hands, if Madrid deny a legitimate binding vote they’ve all but lost Catalonia, reaching out and actually allowing democracy may keep Spain together, the Basques who possibly have even a larger claim to independence will be ready and waiting watching this.

When the people of the North of Ireland want a vote on independence who would deny them?
Whether you believe whether Catalonia should be independent is irrelevant, totally irrelevant, democracy is far more important.


Blimey. Bazza talks complete sense :cool:

My gripe with “democracy” in the West is how it ignores the wishes of the people and serves other interests or (in the case of the EU “Ideals”).

Let them have their official vote and have a framework so everyone understands the REAL implications and the process.

What they should NOT allow is a bunch of clowns to organise a Presidential Style Brexit/Genera Election such as you guys have had with Brexit and Mays failed General Election.

Sometimes Technocrats should step in and set the agenda professionally not emotively. This is one of them



Yes large nipple the liberal would want to keep a forced union going, sure fire tory that lad I tell thee…


This is actually very funny Barry as it highlights how little you understand. You make yourself look rather stupid to boot…


Sorry must be a liberal, no sense of humour…


I recently to!d a close friend that I know him better than he knew himself. The same is true in reverse. I explained that while I might not know his innermost thoughts, most of that is bullshit and ego anyway, self a justification where an external perspective allows slightly more objective contextualisation. It’s still subjective to a degree, but in most cases, its corroborated.

It’s what people do, not what they think of themselves, that matters.

Applying that to Barry, it’s difficult to believe he’s trying to spark a coffee coloured fuck fest revolution when the majority of his threads posit some vague fear of the other.

Applying that to you, a slavish defence of largely Tory conceits such as independent schools probably sparked Barry’s observation.


Don’t want to interfere, but Barry was a big defender of them as well.

Maybe they’re both tories?


Was I Saint? Where and when was this?