The Pain In Spain

The Pain In Spain


The Guarda Civil comes under the Ministry of the interior and Ministry of Defence. It is organised like a military force.



Can we put the EU bashing on the Brexshit ramifications thread please, unless it’s a direct link of involvement to what’s happening in Spain.

That’s not a defence of them(Valcárcel should be shot for that remark), but i’m not seeing much mention of all the governments that have been less than sympathetic to the victims and their democratic rights to vote peacefully.

Is this thread about Catalonia/Spain, or is it going to be taken over by EU bashing?

Not saying the EU won’t become involved(and make a fucking mess), but for now it’s not really about them(unless they have taken an official position matching Valcárcel, that I haven’t heard yet).

Be patient, i doubt you’ll have to wait long.


I think its funny how the pro EU people have got themselves twisted up in this, almost as SOS request not to have a EU bashing exercise, defending dictatorships SOS, your liberal credentials are slipping, next your saying Franco was ok for the tourist industry…


Well I first went to Spain when Franco was in charge and never had a problem.

I am not defending Franco or his regime just saying.


Thanks for proving my point Barry.


No Barry - you are way off the mark with this trolling - Intelligent folk can simply and easily differentiate between all that is wrong with Police violence against those exercising democratic rights and still believe in a more collective and unified institutions. That is what adults with brains are able to do.

Look at ALL this shit in the world - Barry, you think it’s caused by Religion? Sorry not true. Religion is merely a means by which those with power, influence the masses to their cause and do bad things. Those with power use it to galvanise people who have been fucked over by greed. Its greed that has driven the shit in the world. Greed gave us all these artificial borders in the first place, greed that makes folk fight over them and defend them, Greed that makes folk put up bigger fences to keep others out or has led to slavery, occupation and oppression.

Its fundamental to my POV. I will always embrace those things that look to unify in anyway, no matter how flawed, even if initiated from the very greed I despise. Borders, nationalism, isolationism are all a total and utter waste of every bodies time - with the only people really understanding this being those who take advantage of it… the greedy influential fuckers of all political and religious persuasions.

Self determination? Sure it’s a ‘right’ but one that would be completely unnecessary if people had not fucked over other people because of greed.

But sadly, instead of fighting the cause, people do exactly what the greedy fuckers want us to do… put up more borders, retreat to the familiar, failing to understand that they will just replace greedy fuckers in one place with greed fuckers within their own fenced plot.

The Power in people is in our unity. The value and strength comes from what we have in common, not where we differ.

I am as appalled by what has happened in Spain/Catalonia as anyone else… but I simply don’t see division and more ‘borders’ as any solution - all it does is focus attention on the differences and prejudices of the past driven by the greed of those with power and influence using the people for their own gain… rather than healing wounds and looking for a collective future.


The Big Tit is right


So you don’t agree with the Catalans in self determining their future as you hold your point of view there are no borders?


Scottish independence? Tibet? I suppose you oppose the break up of India on religious, cultural and your POV on borders?

What a basic simplistic argument you hold.

Are you a unionist?


I am Hampshire

I support the right of all hogs to vote for independence if they want to.

If the population of Catalonia want to vote for independence they are perfectly entitled to do so as were the Jocks.

The Spanish government has given the vote legitimacy because they declared it illegal and against the Spanish constitution.

Which in my eyes means the people have spoken and we do not want to be ruled by others not of our region.

They have not said they do not want rulers just not Madrid.


There is a Wessex Independence Party.


Tit doesn’t agree with the will of the people, he is a totalitarian liberal don’t you know? He’ll force this union to work by force or vegan crumpets.


I am whatever you want me to be Barry, although please do make up your mind. You seem incabable of understanding a very simple concept… that the ‘will of the people’ is actually the ‘will of the greedy’ - using historical prejudices, oppression, religion to further divison… Sort of perfectly describes natoinalism in Scotland, the Balkans, India… globally really. It really is a simple concept because it really is that simple. Its only psuedo politicos who are actually too stupid to grasp simple concepts that need to string some ‘intellectual’ bollocks to it all. Its all driven by how humans have behaved towards each other in the past that those seeking power an influence prey upon… grievences, distrust are fuelled by those looking to gain.

You can try and dress it up (for your trolling entertainment) in as much fake intellectualism as you like, but its just Bullshit. I have yet to see any example of teh ‘willof the people’ being increased separatism where there is no history of dysfuction or abuse of power, or where quality of life is high for all in a fair and equitable way… That may well be because such ‘utopia’ does not exist anywhere, but that does not invalidate the point that driving force behind desires for separatism is driven by fear of losing what you have because of others wanting the same.


Tibet, Yugoslavia, East Germany, popular uprisings not your thing? A company man are you?


…haha and again you demonstrate your lack of understanding - ‘uprisings’ are the result of what Barry? …Oppression maybe? Go back and re-read my post slowly and without distraction and who knows your brain may absorb some of the meaning…this would indeed be a positive development.


I think you need a history lesson.


Nope… I can guarantee that every battle, war, invasion, uprising has its roots in the same thing… greed and lust for power and influence…


I know it’s nothing to do with the EU :lou_wink_2: but I’ll just pop this here:


Easter Rising?

American war of independence?

Arab Revolt?

As I say, you’re talking shit.