The OFFICIAL 2018 Grandee name change thread - **VOTING closes at 1030am ***

The OFFICIAL 2018 Grandee name change thread - **VOTING closes at 1030am ***


I think the point was that it might put folks off voting knowing that PS will just lurk and then Buy the result with whatever it takes… what would be fairer is if PS shows his wedge now and then folks know what. Red to. E done if they prefer something else … just saying like…


PhilippineSaint has shot his load already. so is out of the game.


And a very generous deposit sir left too.


You could have got @Goatboy to dribble your load.

I can’t unthink an unpleasant image now.



You are top man PS :blush: appreciated


see above sir… Respect as always… I think we may need you to select the first new avatar which will be kept for the first 12 months - as a thank you and token of much appreciation :wink:


So there you have it folks… if you prefer something else other than being known as a ‘polite cunt’ - the get your fivers out. I have some cash to splash but enough to swing it one way or another so everything to fight for… PS gets avatar rights for 12 months for being such a generous bloke… so he has something even if I become ‘bollocks’ instead of a ‘twat’ or General…

All still to play for.


Fuck - forgot about this. I have yet to donate so voting will stay open until 10am tomorrow so before OUR season starts.

Final plug for votes, £5 each for the sick kids, nothing is as yet certain…


@Goatboy how about a badge for all the that donate ? might eb an incentive to get a few more votes in…

We have gone over £200 but still need at least £40 (just 8 votes) to get Goaty over the £2000 mark which I am sure would make and the sick kids and Vicky very happy :blush::blush::blush::heart_eyes::kissing_heart:


If I knew how to do that I would! Bletch!


Yep. Can do.

I get to make the name of the badge too.

Something like…

I couldn’t call Frank’s Cousin a cunt so I called him [Chosen name] instead.

…that should do it.

Actually, @Map-Of-Tasmania, you get to choose the badge title.


I meant Goaty’s current badge you dumbfucks

(Brought to you from Tesco Perth car park)


My sheriff’s badge?


You only need £20 now.
Can’t remember* the choices so i’ll let @Goatboy pick.

*they are that dull @Areola-Grandee😁


Says mr original :joy:


Yeah true enough. That’s why i never made suggestions for your naming😉



Fantastic generosity folks - but voting closes at 1030 this morning so any last minute contributions greatly received… please :blush::+1:t2:


Couldn’t just leave it hanging there at £2,000.

I think £2,020.20 looks a bit more organised …

No idea what the names are so I guess it’s just giving …

Mange tout. CD


OK, so @Map-Of-Tasmania has probably forgotten about his own name change.


So it falls on me to pick up any stragglers.

If you want to pick one of the bland names on offer, pay £5 for each vote to @Goatboy’s Sotonians’ Fundraising for the Southampton Children’s Hospital.

If you don’t want to pick one of the bland names on offer, make a donation and feel good about yourself for the rest of the day, or at least until after the final whistle.

To vote or donate, visit the JustGiving page and making your contribution.

If you’re voting for one of the bland names on offer, write that bland name in the message space provided. You will be given one vote for each £5 donated.

Voting closes in about 40 minutes.

August 12, 2018 11:30 AM (Europe: Paris), August 12, 2018 2:30 AM (America: Los Angeles), August 12, 2018 9:30 AM (Asia: Manilla)