The OFFICIAL 2018 Grandee name change thread - **VOTING closes at 1030am ***

The OFFICIAL 2018 Grandee name change thread - **VOTING closes at 1030am ***


Sotonian dudes… the last chance as this time its serious and permanent…So the rules are changed a bit.

FREE nominations for the new name, from which I will pick 3 (inclusive of my own choice) to put to the charity vote to help the sick kids - £5 a bite so still plenty of opportunity to fix the result… so get your nominations in before August 3 …YES this Friday with voting to be opened from Saturday 4th!

2018: The Year in Review
:calendar: 2018: The Year in Review

Tricky Vicky O’Flaherty


Ahh…how about “Dutch floppy ears”


NB. Number of likes for each nomination …‘may’ influence the selection of the final 3… or it might not


Nigel Frottage


Great shout there my fine Fat friend, but suspect it might not make the cut.


Let me just pitch this idea to the membership - Tricky Vicky O’Flaherty.

@Goatboy has had an email from the children’s hospital from Vicky O’Flaherty and he now needs to explain how we raise money for the charity. I would love it (full Keegan) if we could make @Goatboy have to explain to Vicky how her name has made it into forum lore.

Go and like the post suggesting Vicky’s name. You know it makes sense.


I :heart: Brexit

(Not a statement- proposed new name)


I’m afraid he has the power of veto. :lou_sad:


How about my suggestion from last time that I seem to recall got scuppered by a drunken, overpaid rig-monkey…?




Here is the just giving link. I will say almost anything to Vicky for money:


Cheers Goaty… would be great to get above the 2K mark which is easy if PS has a name he is desperate to crown me with :wink:


I can be bribed… (well you know donations and all that) There are rules, but hey they can be broken :wink:


I believe he mentioned Final Frontier in the title. Must be something trekkies we can come up with better than Spocks’ Bitch…
Or stealing from a sci-fi ish movie I loved the Trash Panda insult in Guardians of the Galaxy 2. Arse Panda perhaps?
Must be loads of material out there somewhere apart from Space Balls


You just need to link up your ideas, your final frontier, with @Fatso, frottage and how @pap defines @Map-Of-Tasmania on Brexshit, flounce.
There’s a sun/mail headline in there.


I will not be putting names forward but will vote during your sleeping time for the name that will win.


Oi I object to the overpaid bit .


Tribble Trouble


I obviously lied


Ok, how about undertaxed?