The OFFICIAL 2018 Grandee name change thread - **VOTING closes at 1030am ***

The OFFICIAL 2018 Grandee name change thread - **VOTING closes at 1030am ***


To be honest Bletch I thought this was you…



Nope, I’m afraid I was just about to solve the problem but somebody replied in a thread that explicitly told people to ignore it.

Some people just ruin it for everybody else. Isn’t the right, @Fatso?


The only thing I can think of, @Map-Of-Tasmania and @Goatboy, is to create a new thread for each of the 4 options (I said 4) and make it clear to everyone in the opening post that for each post they make in the thread they are committing £5 to the poorly children - effectively giving Tricky Vicky a pervy look as they put £5 down her charity cleavage.

To vote, people would just reply to the thread(s) they want to vote on. And then they keep replying for each £5 they want to spend and then when @PhilippineSaint’s plane lands he can decide which name he wants.

Any drunken idiot that mistakenly replies on a thread is costing themselves ca$h.


Fuck me that’s complicated - alternatively, we just go with the traditional route and let Goat do the count - also means folks ain’t put off voting because their choice is way down the list…


… imho we keep it on one thread.


Ok mate. Your call.


I love you Bletchley


… so stop fucking messing with my thread, darling


Lol. Just trying to maximise the amount of fivers we’re tucking into Tricky Vicky’s charity. cleavage.


:open_mouth: After last year’s name, I think the Bosom vote is out


Fuck that’s me…where did you get that picture? :open_mouth:


Miracle Max aka The Butler aka Lord Bletch


Is None of the Above an official name?


Should be, it’s got a certain je ne sais pas to it.


I’ll let None of the Above answer that, but we’ve got a week until you need to turn up and decide what None of the Above will be permanently known as.


I shall wait until @PhilippineSaint has shot his load before showing my hand…

Edit: hopefully you know what I mean



Sadly some on here are struggling with the concept of numbers e.g. The value/meaning of three options. There is no forth option so None of the above can be voted for by dumbasses but will not count in final poll.

The only winners will be the sick kids so all good


I can’t believe we left Wombling Cock off the list
After those name choices


I can


Well that’s saved me £15.