📰 The most exciting thing to happen in Salisbury since Stonehenge was created



BBC News - Russian flag flown on Salisbury Cathedral ‘disrespectful’


John Glen is a dick IMHO

Just my view.


You need to ask yourself who benifits?
bellendcat released another tall tale, no one payed any attention. A few days later, all the msm played along, no one took any notice.
Now you have this and the only comment we get from the BBC is, “It’s disrespectful and it’s antagonising the community after the Novichok attack last year, and with the anniversary that’s coming up on 4th March,”
I would have thought there would be quite a few people cracking up, seeing as the whole thing has become so farcical.
It was probably this halfwits idea(seriously, listen to the crazy fool).

Edit:Is it me, or does he talk like a robot? Could just be simple, i suppose.

@Saint-or-sinner @Goatboy High Jinx after a few toasts to Putin on the vodka?


One year ago this week.
Stand by for a barrage of stories that say nothing


Nothing new, but there are some truths.


Hope my family & friends haven’t been contaminated by the new horror to hit Salisbury today


Worry no more Phil, Theresa is on the case and “moving forward” is going to turn Salisbury into Bath.






She’s consistent if nothing else.


Read that earlier and this was in the comments(haven’t read it yet, so who knows).


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Oh well played Salisbury. Marvellous effort

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