📰 The most exciting thing to happen in Salisbury since Stonehenge was created


BBC say the roof is to come off

No reason why. Maybe one of the ducks that they fed landed on the roof and contaminated it??


What if


The guardian piece is authored by ‘press association’ and the BBC one apparently has no author. Weird how often that happens on certain subjects. Made me think of this.

“Stenographic ‘news’ reporting isn’t news-reporting; it is propaganda, no matter how famous and respected the ‘news’ medium happens (unfortunately) to be”


Maybe the Novichok was dropped on the Skripals from one of the imaginary Gatwick drones.


Never considered the two related, but something in your sentence connects both.


Now, now you two…let a story like that loose on t’interweb and it’ll be reported as the “truth” in a matter of hours by renowned investigative commentators (take your pick)



So the disappearing doctor, that worried she might have been contaminated with a nerve agent, before anyone was supposed to know, but didn’t hang around, or go to hospital was only Col. Alison McCourt, Chief Nursing Officer of the British Army. You would think someone in her position would know the correct procedure.
Is she Russian?


Check RT maybe @Saint-or-sinner



Ahem, Salisbury is an Army town. Tidworth, Larkhill. Until recently it was also Home in Wilton to the HQ British Land Forces.
Not to mention Porton Down, and home to a great many retired officers.
So Craig’s co-incidence is not as unlikely as he makes out.

I’m all for conspiracy theories on this but this is a really weak one, without context


So why was it kept quiet for a year? “Sixteen year old heroine gives first aid to nerve agent victims and walks away without a scratch”. The media would normally be all over this like a cheap suit. Of course it stinks, surely only the terminally naive could think otherwise.


Agree it stinks wasn’t my point. Just I used to knows all sorts of Portion & Army random in my old football, cricket teams & village pub.
The random expert isn’t the story. The vanishing is


The random expert, that just happened to be there and know what was supposedly administered and then fucked off, as no one in her job would know the correct procedure, is a big deal. Far too many coincidences to ignore.
The vanishing of the pets is also a big deal, but no one’s talking about it.


What about the cathedral spotters allergic to slushy snow?
What the joke RT interview?
Have the Russians murdered “traitors” before?


Are you saying she’s Russian, or works for the Russians?
If they’re as devious as some are willing to believe, it’s very possible and her actions are strange to say the least.
Why didn’t the police know about the pets until almost 2 weeks later(when a friend enquired about them)? Maybe the pets had already been moved by Sergei, as it appears he knew he’d never return.
If only we had a free press that was willing to investigate all the obvious flaws in the fairytale we’ve been fed.


You never answer a question with a question.

Answer those 3 and we’ll progress.


That from you​:joy::joy::joy:


Mainly for Barry.

Who said them damn Ruskies didn’t have a sense of humour? :lou_wink:



Or anyone with a memory. Maybe the coroner will work it out, although if he does and attempts to tell everyone, he’ll be another David Kelly(and he’ll have been made aware of that).