📰 The most exciting thing to happen in Salisbury since Stonehenge was created

So, this has been the number one talking point on the news for days now, but despite the ever increasingly desperate attempts by the swivel eyed wing of the Tory party and the overwhelming majority of the MSM trying to whip up support for ‘Russia is the personification of evil’, it would appear that people just aren’t buying it. Anyone with half a brain can see that, although there maybe more than a few candidates who would have an interest in seeing Mr Skripal turning his toes up, by some distance Mr Putin and the Russian state would be right at the bottom of the list. Putin may be many things, but he is not stupid. He has shown himself over the past decade to be light years ahead of US Presidents, and UK Prime Ministers in the political astuteness stakes. He runs rings around them on the world stage. People are not daft. Anyone who would believe that, on the eve of the Russian elections, the eve of the World Cup, Putin would be responsible for such a crass and amateurish attempt at a hit is surely capable of believing six impossible things before breakfast.

This guy was in a Russian prison for five years before being swapped in an exchange deal in 2010. It must surely be beyond argument that if Putin or the Russian state wanted him dead - dead he would be…That surely must be beyond doubt to anyone but the hard of thinking. He was responsible for the betrayal of about 300 of his colleagues, about as bad as it gets in that game. I’m guessing that might have pissed more than a few of them off. Then there is his close connection to the ex MI6 guy Steele, who produced the Trump dossier for Hillary Clinton. So he wasn’t really retired after all? His house in Salisbury was paid for in cash, 300,000 quid when he arrived in 2010. And many many more questions that, so far, are not being asked. There is a headlong rush to blame Evil Putin, some of the stuff in the Sun, Mail, Telegraph and Express is absolutely crazy. I fully expect over the coming days to be told that the nerve agent originated in North Korea, was mixed personally in Syria by 'evil Bashar Al Assad to his own favourite recipe tested on thousands of innocent children, put in a sealed test tube supplied by Iran, shipped to the UK via Caracas Venezuela, all facilitated by ‘Commie Corbyn’!

It is interesting, and it must be infuriating to the establishment, thaat it is quite clear that the average man on the street just isn’t buying it. People are starting to wise up, they have been lied to so many times that they are beyond cynicism. And a good thing too.


Some state organisation wanted him dead and tried to kill, I still suspect the Russians but it could have been a joint venture, killing him now shows Russia’s power abroad and they’re (FSB) legally are allowed to murder on the Kremlins behalf now (done so last year?).

Years ago the Soviets would have got the Bulgarians to do it but now they have to do it themselves and they’re good at it, Georgia, Chechyna and the UK and lots of places we haven’t heard about, of course state sponsored killing happens here as well but it happens in every nation, what interest would we have? It could have been a deal between the two nations? Again I wouldn’t be surprised.

My dreams have been destroyed.

How can I ever return hone to such a dangerous city?

I fear for my family, having to don Hazmat gear to pop to Tesco.

Gonna have to replan and retire somewhere safer in 6 years.

Damascus I think.

Wouldn’t be surprised if the UK did it to deflect from all of the other shit going on e.g. Brexit, Syria, cozying up to Saudi Arabia etc etc. Must have been us cos we even managed to poison one of our own rozzers in the process…amateurs


Point of order re the thread title.

The Zucchini’s playing a pub gig is almost as exciting for the City as my annual return home.


Ultimately though, it’s less about who did it but how. I mean for FFS they used to make a point by dumping the bodies in the canals of Amsterdam - but it was spy v spy. This was a fucking nerve agent released without any concern for additional innocent victims- to me it could just as easily be the opposite if amateur and something more frightening- a message of how easy it is to do this on UK soil. I think those who did this wanted to make it scary and public for other motives … :lou_surprised:

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Trump Dossier.

Just saying.

Perfect cover, blame Russians.

Pap should be moist about this set of conspiracy options for years

The original post is plainly bollocks.

The most exciting thing to happen in Salisbury since Stonehenge was a house party a few of us gatecrashed in 1991 which was full of St Swithuns girls and had Tracy the Westbury Gobbler, doing a turn to anyone who had a spare bottle of Thunderbird.

Well, it was for me anyways.


Not according to Ted Heath…

Salisbury used to be beside the sea, but the sea got so bored of the place it went away…

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Whoa. So many snippets here.

Military deployed?

Chemical Warfare Exercises just finished up at Porton Down?

Specialist units?

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: Russian spy: Military deployed after poisoning - http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-43344725

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Not really. Most exciting time was 1991 when agen 23 would dress up in drag and gate crash St Swithuns - wouldcall myself Tracy from Westbury and cadge free thunderbird


You were good at cadging that thunderbird, Trace. Suprised you got time to drink any, mind!

There as always time for a few extra mouthfuls

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I was listening to the news tonight and heard that they’d _sent _200 chemical weapons specialists into Salisbury. They would not have had far to go, given that our chemical weapons research centre, the oldest in the world, is just up the road.


Aldermarston. It’s pretty much about sending a message now. They’ve identified the nerve agent, it’s not sarin or VX it can be traced to a lab in Russia. It’s Putin leaving a calling card.

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Something whiffs here.


He did the same thing with Litvinenko, Polonium is the most traceable agent. MI5 traced Lugavoi from his hotel to the plane and back to Moscow, there was a literal radiation trail

Russia isn’t governed by ideology, it’s a gangster state.

Question, @saintbristol .

If the hypothetical man from Mars were weighing up the most aggressive warmongers since the end of the Cold War, taking into account international law, do you think Russia would come top?

Another question.

Is this statement without evidence:-

a) The random SaintBristol statements we’ve come to know and love.
b) The random TedMaul statements we’ve come to know and love.
c) A strict adherence to Official BBC Reporting Standards (now evidence free).
d) All of the above.

Please say d).