📰 The most exciting thing to happen in Salisbury since Stonehenge was created

:newspaper: The most exciting thing to happen in Salisbury since Stonehenge was created


I haven’t a clue to what you’re asking let alone an answer.
His mountaintop website doesn’t mention the invasion of Crimea though.

He is a Russian mouthpiece who fits in with your wacko agenda.


And again.
You’re terrible at this(like May).


You didn’t read what I wrote did you? Explain the question.




Go back to the beginning Barry. You’ll work it out eventually.
While we’re waiting, here’s some light entertainment.
The spy one is good, but make sure you don’t get brainwashed(probably too late).


Moving to the mountains sounds like a good idea to me.


Not the type of regime change the Yanks potentially wanted in the Middle East

(And the source IS actually a UAE Online publication that is NOT blocked here so must be an officially approved media licence holder)




I was in Salisbury on market day last week, walking to the centre from central car park between the water and the sainsburys car park I was highly amused to notice some joker had left a russian paperback on one of the benches. Had to be a gag.




This should go on the funny thread too. :lou_lol:


Russia is still the most incompetent, ridiculous, poor and uneducated country, but strangley, highly effective and dangerous at the same time(on a fraction of the budget). We should all be scared :lou_facepalm_2:
It’s very annoying knowing my tax helps pay the NATO halfwits that come out with this kind of rubbish.

“Russia’s military activities, particularly along NATO’s borders, have increased and its behaviour continues to make the Euro-Atlantic security environment less stable and predictable, in particular its practice of calling snap exercises, deploying near NATO borders, conducting large-scale training and exercises and violating Allied airspace.”


I’ve put the other 4 up, so here’s the summary of constant war machine known as NATO.

On another note, where is Julia Skripal, a Russian national that has never asked for asylum and our government has broken international rules over. Thank god we have a free press that won’t let the obvious lies go unchallenged. Oh, hold up :lou_facepalm_2:



An interesting read.


Sergei Skripal’s house to be dismantled after novichok attack

House to be dismantled according to the headline, but the article only says, roof off, contractor in to put new roof on. Was the Novibollocked door handle on the roof?


Probably because it will be the least accessible and most difficult bit of the house to clean / decontaminate. The rest of house has, i imagine, been decontaminated, much easier to do a room than a roof space. After all it’s generally the most convenient place to stash porn, hash, money, etc. Not that i would do any of that, you understand.


I like that answer and it’ll be more believable than the government’s line(unless someone passes it on). But having little trust in compulsive liars and an ever changing story, i’m left thinking like this.

So a fat old pensioner was poisoned by the front door handle on his way out, turned around and went upstairs, to crawl around in not only his loft, but the roof space above his garage. Did he keep chemical weapons with his porn.
If the whole house is potentially contaminated, why are they not destroying it, as initially stated and has been the case for tables, cars and various other things, like pets(not really. Sergei had already moved the pets out. Seems he knew he wasn’t coming back).
This stuff sounds dangerous, but kids ate bread from a hand contaminated with it. Both them and the ducks are fine :shushing_face: No one that touched the pub or restaurant doors/chairs/tables(apart from one)/glasses/plates & cutlery after them are affected and none of these things have been destroyed, or had their roofs removed.
Then two people of different sex/age/weight/health fell unconscious at the exact same time some four hours later.
The policeman that was a first responder(then wasn’t), went to the house at 5pm(then midnight), wasn’t suited(then was), fell ill over 24 hours later, so drove himself to hospital(then didn’t).
The doctor that was a first responder was scared she may have been poisoned by a nerve agent long before anyone could possibly know there was a story about a nerve agent being involved, then just disappeared off the face of the earth. The real doctor(Salisbury hospital) stated that no one had been poisoned by a nerve agent.
The two eye witnesses both described symptoms that fit BZ, but not whats claimed. They also say “100%” the blonde woman in the cctv picture was the woman on the bench, so not Yulia(unless she dyed her hair between the pub and the bench.

I’m still slightly cynical. Can’t think why :wink: