📰 The most exciting thing to happen in Salisbury since Stonehenge was created

:newspaper: The most exciting thing to happen in Salisbury since Stonehenge was created


Get someone to go through this thread and explain it to you.
Very slowly.


If the opcw didn’t collect the sample then they cant prove chain of custody and therefore the results are useless. This is the opcw’s own guidelines.


Are they going for independence as well?


Would you blame them?



I advocated independence for Hampshire so Wiltshire should also have some.


But I thought that was what you were doing, like a tour guide. But one of those ones that is just there for the pay. They don’t actually have any thoughts of their own, they’re just regurgitating what they’ve read on whatever leftie, crackpot, conspiracy theory site they use to think. It’s why whenever they get asked a question, they’re unable to answer them, as well as coming up with a theory as to what happened and why :rofl:


Good for you.


I just want Bournemouth and Poole back in Hampshire.

Can you imagine the state of the poor cricket fans? You’re Dorset now, init.


Have you seen the city centre there lately?


Tbh Salisbury General is THE Hospital in the UK most likely to have protocols & manuals for anything really nasty.
They know Porton is on the doorstep and it happened before with Blue Monkey fever 25/30 years ago. Salisbury is very backward but they also have tin cans on string to connect to the internet…
Just saying…


Did you not use to lose the telephone signals when you crossed into Wiltshire from Gods County?


Yeah, it all gets blocked by some TimeWarp called Spire FM


Completely agree. They are, as you say, well trained and have the equipment needed for such roles. They were also taking part in operation Toxic Dagger, but the disappearing (military)doctor walking the streets with the antidote is bollocks for two very obvious reasons.

  1. All witness statements claim visible symptoms that match BZ, not Novichok. The disappearing doctor was spreading the narrative deliberately, because if we remember her statement, she said she was scared that she would be infected with the nerve agent. How did she know straight away what it was and according to some, just happened to have the antidote on her, but not pass this knowledge on to her colleagues?
  2. If a passing doctor knew straight away what it was, why didn’t the trained specialist at the hospital know(again, why didn’t the first doctor pass this vital information on?). They treated the patients for opioid(BZ, Fentanyl) poisoning and made a statement that no one was admitted with nerve agent symptoms.
    The whole thing is so ridiculous, our incompetent gov/SS even said baby wipes are a safe way of cleaning up a military grade nerve agent. Which might be true, as a single cotton bud apparently cleaned the hotel of all traces of nerve agent. That sounds believable, if we suspend all logic.


No, but i hear they have dissolved most of the trade. Is it getting better yet?



New Look who took over Woolworths in the High Street & Debenhams are now at risk. The Old George Mall is starting to look like a Northern Mining Town post Thatcher.

A lot is their own Nimby Fault with people preferring to go to the bigger Malls in Andover and the like thanks to the nightmare of the A36 & Tescos.


75000 Russian spys in London alone. What kind of idiot would believe this bullshit? https://www.telegraph.co.uk/politics/2018/11/05/half-russians-london-spies-claims-new-report/?WT.mc_id=tmgliveapp_iosshare_Arhvptdrb6z1
Nothing about the foreign state that openly encourages people to work against their own country though. They even have an app for it.
I can point our stupid journalists in the right direction, if they’re struggling to find it.


Loving the new piece Saint-or-sinner. Fair play to you :lou_wink_2:


Thank god you didn’t show the front.
Imagine the uproar :grin:


I hear Baz has something similar, but instead of Putin its Pardew and instead of Crimea its a map of Derby’s nightlife hotspots.


Not a great day for Defenders of The Saudi Establishment, especially on the Saudi front. The Canadians have confirmed that they’ve heard these recordings.

On Monday, the Canadian prime minister, Justin Trudeau, became the first western leader to confirm the tapes’ existence, telling reporters in Paris that Canadian officials had listened to them.