📰 The most exciting thing to happen in Salisbury since Stonehenge was created

:newspaper: The most exciting thing to happen in Salisbury since Stonehenge was created


Let’s all lose our mind as the BBC are quoting Bellingcat again.

I think it’s clear that Bellingcat are being fed information and sources now.


Nobody has quoted about or commented onthe arrests in Saudi…
I can’t


I saw news of that, @Dubai_Phil. I thought to myself at the time that it would be fun to confront @Chertsey-Saint with it. I still think that.

What do you say now Cherts, you big wrong bastard? :smiley:


Do you understand what I was getting at with the whole Saudi thing? I think the Saudi’s are bang to rights on this - I don’t need to see the evidence (like with the Russians in Salisbury). What I was doing was pointing out the hypocrisy shown on this thread by others, because they like Russia (or hate the Brits) and don’t like the Saudi’s.

Surely you could see that? Surely?


Blind faith wins again?

Any evidence of this, or relying on that good old blind faith(again)?


Come now, @Saint-or-sinner. @Chertsey-Saint is in esteemed company. The big orange blob won’t acknowledge the evidence either.

He’s got his small hands jamming up his small ears.


What a surprising coincidence:



Ah, the old paywall link trick…


Apologies, always forget about that:


Would be interested to know why this “story” has come out at this point in time…


Death within seconds of exposure. Deadly nerve agent, init.

There are lads on my estate that can keep a straighter story than this when they’re off their heads.


You noticed how the story keeps changing then. You’d need the memory of a goldfish not to notice.
The door handle is a big problem.
Then they bring out special branch man Bailey and change the whole story again.
They really do believe that the whole population are mentally retarded.


52% voted for Brexit…


People’s Vote supporters made a 500k strong Waitrose queue.

You should celebrate their achievements more, @Chertsey-Saint :slight_smile:


Yeah, sensibly stocking up just in case @pap

:lou_sunglasses: :lou_wink:


Wine will disappear from the shelves. Perry is all that we shall have.



Even the bus was more believable than this farce.


Listen to that guy being interviewed by Radio 4. Farcical and full of holes.

Clearly you can fool all of the people all of the time.

Or, the establishment is aware that they have succeeded in browbeating the public so much that whatever they do they know there will be no revolutionary push back.



You’ll be saying the cuddly Russians didn’t invade Crimea next…
Or downed a passenger airliner…
Or have a landgrab in Georgia…

The list could go on concerning democracy, Putin allowing himself to rule far beyond whats permitted, human rights, state sanctioned killings etc etc.


Who’d take a job in Russia’s GRU or higher echelons or Russia’s intelligence services when you’re going to get whacked when you piss off Putin?