📰 The most exciting thing to happen in Salisbury since Stonehenge was created

:newspaper: The most exciting thing to happen in Salisbury since Stonehenge was created


is that out, out or Out out? LITSL


I think it’s the “Out until the next out” in this case Phil. :lou_wink_2:


So the Saudi’s have now said he was killed, but only after a fight, and not murdered like the Turkish say.

Turkish have still not released the video that they say they have proving this. How odd.


Something I find very confusing about the attitudes on here. @Saint-or-sinner is defending the Russian’s and holding them up as a law abiding and responsible country etc yet Newsnight stick a hat on comrade Corbyn and all his supporters go fucking mental…


Can you show where i have done that?
I have dismissed the ever changing fairytale, believed by to those with a shorter memory span than a goldfish(it would have to be, not to notice all the inconsistencies).
You’re confusion seems to come from not understanding propaganda when you see it.
Patrick Armstrong describes it nicely.

SKRIPALMANIA. Has now been completely outsourced to Bellingcat. Which tells the discerning observer two things: 1) there is no evidence 2) the truth is probably the opposite. (And for those of you who take Bellingcat seriously: become discerning.)

Go into the article and click on the “become discerning” link, then ask yourself why the whole of our media are parroting the AC mouthpiece without question.


What were those two Russians doing there then?
Why fake passports?


Some people show their stupidity openly and never answer awkward questions, but constantly question anyone that points out the obvious flaws in the fairytale, as if they are on trial.
I would advise everyone to ignore these mad people unless they answer questions put to them.
Have any charges been filed?
Have interpol red notices gone out?
If not, why?


Because nearly everything will happen behind closed doors, you think they would publish this?

They won’t publish the Saudi affair unless totally forced to and even then I’d say the us and the Yanks would still back them as the bigger game and trade dictates, I totally disagree with that by the way but thats the way the World works.

Most nations are horrible bastards and things are not black and white, you want them to be and they’re not.

Russia isn’t a saint and never has been, its interfered in its neighbours affairs for centuries, its bullied and crushed independence and self determination for as long as I can recall, the Soviets with their ever loyal Bulgarians carried out assassinations over Europe in the the cold war.

I don’t know how you have the front to be honest.

Its either bluster and you’re on the wind up or you’re an advanced Russian bot.


Look forward to how they deal with the (v likely) request for the release of the body for the funeral



The Americans will ignore this basically as will we, they are butchers but provide stability to a unstable region as such, could you imagine the House of Saud being toppled? What or who would fill the vacuum?


We found out from Iraq what happens.

Invasion is bad so let the dictators do whatever, well if you’re a snowflake it won’t include Syria but whoever said about balance?




Take it on the road, @Barry-Sanchez. History’s loss will be stand up comedy’s gain.


They’re rolling in the Yemeni aisles.


Dictators give stability and are a good for business in maintaining regimes (until you fall foul of your “friends”)take your short arse to a library or history lessons son.


Yemen are poor, isolated and offer little value to the west, human rights don’t matter a jot as the Saudis pay so they can inflict human suffering , similar to Syria to be honest other than they ask the Russians to do it.


Saudi Arabia. Chief funders of Islamic extremists for the past 40 years. The butchers of Yemen.

“Stability in the region”.

As I said before, take it on the road. I’m sure you’ll get great reviews from over-thinking broadsheet critics that concur in their conclusions that there’s no way this material can be taken at face value.


Pap there isn’t much trouble in Saudi is there? The Soviet’s exported communism to Pol Pot.

Your point as usual is obscure, blind and shite.


Isn’t much trouble in Saudi Arabia?

Apart from beheadings, mass executions of political dissidents, women being treated as property, internal power struggles between different arms of a very large Royal family.

No Barry. No trouble at all.


How much civil trouble is there?
How much disorder is there?
That’s not “trouble” that’s a belief tied to a book and a culture that doesn’t value its citizens.
Your words are all fucked up mush.