📰 The most exciting thing to happen in Salisbury since Stonehenge was created

:newspaper: The most exciting thing to happen in Salisbury since Stonehenge was created


All nations do it ie have fake passports.


@saintbletch needs to award a badge to @pap for “oxymoron of the year” for the comment:

“… I’m not part of an intelligence network, other than Sotonians…”



Ah, the retreat to a one-liner and think that’s enough tactic, eh?

It really isn’t, Barry. It rarely ever was.

Your case, fragmented as it is, laid bare, is nonsense.


What shit are you blathering on about, I am playing Forza, explain why the need to travel on a fake passport, be a Russian and allergic to snow and why they were in Salisbury, you genuinely believe their story?


What is your justification for saying that they arrived on fake passports?


You need to be careful what you read on the Internet, mucker. Our government could probably use a lesson too.


I’ve happily been able to ignore this thread and had 200+ messages to catch-up on and then you go and mention me!!!


Well you have the only supply of Badgeium. Who else was I going to mention…pray tell?


Mate, it has gotten so circular that I am considering another inescapable flowchart, just so I have some record of what went on here.




I don’t like my new badge and for all our faults, I’m not aware of a more intelligent Saints forum, even if we don’t talk about football a whole bunch.

While I appreciate the need to play to a crowd, you don’t need to defecate on them at the same time.

But then again, tow paths can get a bit passe. I congratulate you for broadening your sexual horizons :smiley:


That’s like saying to the judge “I don’t like my sentence”.

He’s not bothered.

Nor am I.


To be fair, those words on the badge aren’t quite the ones I would have used.

Made me chuckle though


You’ve asked for it now. I’m going to get you on a combination of ruthless pedantry, literalism and semantics.

We’re on a fucking network.

We’re more intelligent than pebbles.

I rest my case.


More intelligent than pebbles?! Prove it maestro.


Pebbles can’t use public toilets.


Not a marker of intelligence- more about ability. I’m sure they would if their intrinsic pebbleness allowed it.

I call you out as #pebbleist






Had to Google image that.

Well done, good skills and all that!



Sod flowcharts Pap.
This is our Pompey thread and should be published and made into one of those unintelligible art house movies.
I’ll play George Clooney playing me.
Who’s in?


…well the classic exit route on most “dicussion” threads here is…“Life’s too short…I’m not getting any younger…I’m out.”

Easy innit.