📰 The most exciting thing to happen in Salisbury since Stonehenge was created

:newspaper: The most exciting thing to happen in Salisbury since Stonehenge was created


I don’t know, @Barry-Sanchez, how much civil disorder is there?

Do enlighten us.



Less than Syria.


The Syria flooded with Saudi funded extremists, presumably providing “stability in the region”?

Jimmy Carr, watch out.


Initially were these the ones wanting democracy?
Or did they come along later?

History lessons Pap.


Someone’s farted in Paps house, Paps blaming the English, Saudis and Ukrainians…


Yes, you should definitely try some.


Yeah, this would make a good book, moving firmly into the comedy section from fantasy now though


Just fucking mega lol. Take A breath you enormous bell end.


Where am I wrong?
Dictators and regimes have always been allowed to continue as they keep a “lid” on things and bollocks to the people who suffer and democracy.
I don’t support either regime.

I am a democrat and free speaker you see.




Sky News are reporting that Jamal Khashoggi’s body parts have been discovered in the garden of the Saudi Consul general’s home, situated about 500 metres from the Consulate. Sources are saying Khashoggi had been ‘cut up’ and his face ‘disfigured’. Horrific.


Yes, I saw the photos on a whatsapp group thread. I’ll refrain from posting them here.


And yet there appears to suddenly be a news blackout on these developments. Nothing on the BBC news, even Sky have gone silent. I wonder why!:lou_eyes_to_sky:


Because everyone has finally got their Ducks in a row, granted favours or twisted arms, so that this is now a botched rendition and unauthorised amateur on the spot cover up.
Suspects will get tried sentences applied, aassets frozen. Nothing more to see here.


Something like this @Dubai_Phil


This is now my favourite news website - I shall be getting all my news from here now on. Some of it is as good as the rest of the MSM (ignoring the religious sentiments of the author)



He died straight after didn’t he?

I heard there were two Russians in the area looking for the World famous sand mounds…


What are you trying to say Barrichok?
Anyone found any evidence that the fairytale is believable yet, or does it still demand religious amounts of blind faith in known liars, just to entertain the idea?
Is it like the world’s most expensive plane(one you praised as the best), the f35, that’ll beat anything?
Still grounded worldwide, but thankfully not because of anyone of 211+/-5 known faults(It’s a new one) :joy:


I am just saying until Turkey release the details we can’t be 100% so hold off, you can’t believe the media can you, can you?

(When it suits more like it)