📰 The most exciting thing to happen in Salisbury since Stonehenge was created

:newspaper: The most exciting thing to happen in Salisbury since Stonehenge was created


Yep. The Turks saying they have a recording of the murder kind of fucks the Saudis. Maybe if UK had said we have cctv of Russians spraying door knob or dumping bottle or even “we have a statement from witness/victim” there would be less doubt.


Surely we can’t make that assumption until they’ve shown it in public. Not doubting they do have it, but at the moment all they’ve done is said they have evidence.


You’re not the only one comparing the two, although the sanctions and expulsions seem to be taking a bit longer to organise, which is weird, as the case against the Saudis is far more compelling. Haven’t they admitted he died under interrogation, so no excuses, seeing as the Russians got blamed without a shrewd of evidence.
Have our government released any information about the hostages yet, or have they chopped them up and shipped them off?


Aren’t you assuming the British have evidence they are not releasing?


I guess it’s similar to the way the British have said Novichok was used…


A recording of this murder would be pretty damning evidence. A sample of novichok though? Could have come from elsewhere unless it’s in Skripal’s blood tests.


You have to see my point on this surely?

You want to believe the Saudis did it so they have done so already.

You don’t want to believe the Russians did it so they didn’t how ever likely.










Do you see my point? Has our Government expelled saudi diplomats?
For what it’s worth you will see above that I said lets wait and see if the recordings are released before jumping to (your) conclusions.


Markdown headers, mate.



Pilger was on Going Underground the other week. Did a whole piece on how official fabrications seem to be trumping what he terms “unofficial evidence”.

This is a perfect illustration.

In related news, I have “Barry loves the Saudis” going around in my head to the tune of “Gordon is a moron”.


The Government won’t as they’re snivelling cunts.


Why? I dislike them as much as you do, I see both as fascist totalitarian undemocratic states that sanction killings at the highest level.


Are you shrinking Pap or fallen off a very high thing maybe?


I don’t think he can shrink much more to be quite honest…


High level killings wouldn’t really be my concern, even though this case is very interesting. Bit more cut and dried than the Skripals.

The facts, as I understand them, are that the victim entered the Saudi consulate and never came out alive. Even if the Turks never release the recordings. that’s a shitload more damning circumstantial evidence than a couple of Russians being in the same area. You’d probably get a jury conviction, if such a thing were theoretically possible.

You’ve got the same people saying “Russians are bad m’kay”, paddling backwards like fuck to accommodate their oil rich patron, doing anything to keep the black gold a flowin’.

It really does come to something when Liam fucking Fox looks like the most dignified person in cabinet.


Fake passports, who has them?


Not me :lou_eyes_to_sky:


Mossad are famous for it. Not suggesting any involvement in this particular case, but what they generally do is ensure that any fake passports they use aren’t labelled “Israel”. They do this because they are a highly competent intelligence agency, and that competence includes not leaving a trail of fucking breadcrumbs back to a giant neon sign that says “only we could be guilty”.

I’m not part of an intelligence network, other than Sotonians, but if I were in the position of sending agents overseas to commit misdeeds in the UK. and I was prepared to employ fake passports in that endeavour, I wouldn’t use Russian passports, and I wouldn’t bother going to the British consulate to get visas. It’s a massive fucking risk.

Surely it would be much easier to follow the route of very rich ex-pats. Pay for a passport out of some no-mark country like Cyprus or Malta, and have your assets travel in the easy customs lane to the UK. One border check on entry to the island, and we’re talking about a country that in a previous incarnation, has had long historical experience with political infiltration, and happens to be ruled by someone that was part of that intelligence apparatus.

Now at this point you’re at a bind. You either have to admit that I’m cleverer than the entire Russian intelligence apparatus, or that Putin wanted to be caught, wanted to be labelled a murderer six weeks before the most important cultural event the country had hosted since the Moscow 1980 Olympics.

It doesn’t make sense, and neither do you.