📰 The most exciting thing to happen in Salisbury since Stonehenge was created

:newspaper: The most exciting thing to happen in Salisbury since Stonehenge was created


Baz - can you speak in English rather that Bazlish?

Are you really saying you believe in possibly fake news but question why other might do the same?

I think you might be asking other why they might believe it, but you ain’t making it easy for us to translate…


And why is it on this thread?
Apart from that, great post bazza.


I am saying why aren’t the tin foilers right on this, what proof do they have?


Because I was responding to the post above?


No you’re not. We’re not fucking mind readers. Say what you mean if you want a proper response…


Apologies, I’ve caught up now!


No you just don’t follow posts, away with you scamp.


Tbf I do have other things to do.


It’s all a bit messy isn’t it. MBS should have just done a little squirt on the embassy door handle and scarpered.


It sure as shit fucks up the tin foilers.


You’ll have to explain bazza. It’s been a long day.


Well you can’t one over another can you? They both require a belief and trust in the media.


Lets wait and see if the alleged recordings are released. That would be a pretty convincing smoking gun. As would finding the allegedly dismembered body. I don’t hold out much hope though. Nobody can find Skripal and that cunts alive and well.


I believe them both, both shithouse places.


I see we’ve called for sanctions, kicked out all the Saudi diplomats and called for other countries to do the same.
Oh no. My mistake.


Witness/victim protection innit.



How did we miss THIS?


Maybe she wasn’t at one of your glory holes, Phil :smiley:


At first glance, you’d think the two cases would be unrelated. However, it is very interesting to compare and contrast the evidence available across both cases, and how we deal with said evidence.

It looks to me as if the Turks have the Saudis bang to rights. Pompeo has no doubt heard the recordings. The entire last week has been about trying to muddy the waters as to responsibility.


If I’d known those places existed I may never have left :roll_eyes: